Germany: A Look Back At Hunting Issues.


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We at SAV have looked into German hunting issues quite a lot in the past.  Many of the photographs in this particular post are from our own files; as undertaken by ‘D’ in Germany.  Please read the excellent info from Venus in this post which is a current, personal feel.  

At the end are several links to some of our main articles from the past.  Sorry but many of the pictures are very bad – but that is the actual reality of hunting; and we make no apologies for showing animal abuse in such detail.  Almost all of the following contain distressing photos, many of which are from ‘D’ – our German investigator – SAV:



Many photos from SAV archives (via D).



The psychopaths who call themselves “hunters” in Germany are about 361,000. 0.4% of the population kill 5 million wild animals each year, creating a bloody reality in the forest, from which most people have no idea. 5 million animals every year – that is 13,700 every day, 570 per hour, almost ten animals per minute. Every six seconds, an animal is killed in Germany by the hands of a hunter.

The fox is the most hunted in Germany. In fact, there is no more a protection time for the fox.

600,000 foxes are shot in Germany every year! The three” hunters” reasons for this: rabies, fox-worm, exterminating important breeders (birds, etc ..) The rabies is eradicated and the probability of infecting by fox-worm t is far less than a 6 in the lottery. Foxes are not just carnivores, foxes eat everything. To this extent, foxes cannot eradicate any animal species.

But no one talks about animals that are endangered by extermination (lynx, wolf, badger …) for which the hunters alone are responsible.
So what are the real reasons for the fox hunt? From the various journals, we read: “Lust for reenactment and heritage,” “Waidmann’s joy to roll a fox in a shot-shot,” the “charm of the winter fox hunt” Hunting-Fever “and” Kick “, is what the hunter-psychopath experienced during the fatal shot. Our European neighbors Luxembourg is much more rational with the fox hunting. And forbade them. In Germany the huntsmen are composed of quite high strata. Lawyers, doctors, judges, city administration Officials are hunters.





It is no wonder that trials against hunters always fall into the hands of the hunters In Germany there is a saying: “who is rich or hunters is always in the right”! Our opponents in the fight against hunting are, therefore, rich, influential persons who are protected by politics. But the majority of the population is in Germany against hunting.

Finally, I would like to say something that perhaps many do not know: 48% of the German forest is privately owned.

For a democratic, and otherwise progressive country in matters of animal welfare, I find it an absolute disgrace.


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Old Posts – many contain disturbing photographs:





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