Serbia: News From Felix Shelter – ‘Tessa’.




Danica Mirkovic


Tessa is a young kitty girl who already knows the meaning of pain and suffering.

A couple of months ago, while she was living on the streets of a village near Novi Sad, she had an open carpal fracture of her right leg. We’ll probably never find out what happened to her, but the point is that her horrific injury was left untreated for around two months. When someone finally took photos of her, she was in very bad shape and her right front leg seemed to be completely useless, so the vet in Novi Sad (who was the first to examine her) recommended amputation.




However, when she arrived at the shelter she had a thorough physical exam, blood tests and an X-ray by our vet who opted for surgery in order to try and save her injured leg. He removed the necrotic tissue; the wound was debrided and Tessa has been receiving IV fluids over the first couple of days since her arrival, as she was seriously dehydrated and malnourished.

She is being given Longacef and vitamins daily and is eating high quality food, constantly asking for more, while she is getting ready for the surgery which will be performed as soon as her condition becomes stable. Her right carpus is almost completely destroyed by infection and gangrene which is still spreading, so her leg will need to be operated on urgently. The vet is planning to somehow surgically align the fracture with crossed pins, while fixing the bones vertically with metal screws and if everything goes well, a callus is supposed to form a “false joint” which will remain stiff, but it will allow Tessa’s elbow to bend normally.


Once everything heals, she is expected to be able to use her right front leg even though she will certainly be limping for quite a long time or might walk with a slight limp forever, but she’ll be able to bear at least some of her weight on her injured leg. None of us here is decisively against amputation if it turns out to be in her best interest, but not before all of the other options are already tried, exhausted and have failed. An amputation is undoubtedly the easiest and the simplest way out; nonetheless, Tessa is only around eight months old and after everything she’s been through, she definitely deserves a fighting chance.

Whether she manages to overcome her problems or not, she has already proven to be a true survivor, at such a tender age and with an awful start in life. The approximate costs of her surgery alone are around 250 euros if nothing goes wrong; when we add the costs of the drugs she is receiving, special food, diapers and fuel needed for every day’s trips to the vet, it all adds up to about 330 euros.

Donations have been pretty much non-existent lately and we are flat broke at the moment. If you’d like to help our courageous little fighter who has already had more than her share of suffering and neglect, please help us pay off her bills!

Every donation, no matter the size, can go a long way!

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Thank you all in advance!


Tessa had her stitches removed on Saturday. She’s gained a little weight and is now free to discover and explore her new surroundings 🙂

A huge thank you to all of you who have helped this lovely kitty girl!






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