The ‘Do Nothing’ Man.




Mr. van Goethem,
If you would have invited me to Brussels to meet us, I would say, “Thank you, I do not need it, you are well known to me”!

As the “do nothing” man.
As the commissioner with the stupid smile, often confused with meat producers from Mecklenburg.
You are a truly EU patriot, Mr van Goethem.
You respect as the democratic country law of the EU members, if illegal transports and business with live animals are controlled by the local meat mafia.

And that would have worked well, if they were not animal protectionists who constantly bother you with the question, of whether animal protection is part of your job!!
As if you could answer this question, as if you had a clue, what animal protection means !!!

You were hired as servant by Merkel and Juncker, you are firmly under the power of the united patrons and you have to work hard, if you want to keep your private chauffeur and the 30,000 euros a month.

Trade with animals is a matter for the countries, you said?
Oh! Mister van Goethem! you were always the humor soldier of the animal transportation mafia.
If I were Merkel, I’d send you to Mugabe.
So that the “do nothing” commissioner finally finds his real work environment.







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