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  1. Dear Mark, try not to be so sad. I know from personal experience how you feel. Golda was your best friend, an actual extension of you. And, when one of us is gone, one is left to carry on a legacy of LOVE on this planet.
    Love is the bridge that connects us across time and space, and I can imagine your angel Golda happily running in wide universe, knowing that you spread her precious legacy.

    Love is beyond words… Love is Golda.

    • Thank you; your words mean a lot, and help. She had a great life; loved, fun, walks, incredibly cared for – oh if life was anything like that for all the strays of this world – and still thick arse governments like Serbia still see destruction and killing of sentient creatures as the only way. The Serb government disgust me more than anything – they are primatives who have not fully developed a brain. They are now trying to get into the EU simply so that they can squander billions of Euros into ‘their’ system – make their pockets bulge whilst continuing to do nothing, for example, for animal welfare. The EU is gradually falling for it; but personally I have my doubts that the EU will exist in 10 years time. This is what Junker is scared about – his loss of power; and whilst he now makes up rules and legislation that everyone must not attack Brussels and the EU. Why ? – have we not seen the real side of the EU with Mr do nothing Van Goethem when presented with EU – Turkey live export evidence of abuses under EU law for well over 5 years now ? – How is it they can ‘do nothing’ ? – go against their own law. They and the Serbian government will make a good team – only looking after their own interests and not giving a toss about anything else. Thanks for your kind words – Regards Mark.

  2. Beautiful Golda was a person, like all sentient animals ( all vertebrates and mollusc Octopod ) are a person ( equall like mr. Van Goethem, You and me and like all humans ). Persons cannot be anyone s property, nor things for trade,nor things for games, nor things for any fraud, but all persons have the right to life in accordance with the needs of its kind.This must be recognised and ordered by The Constitution of each state in 21.Century. Now ruled by profiteers, which is disastrous for all figures( persons), and harm for both: human and nonhuman Earthlings.

  3. My cat, Blanquita, is not beautiful, I must admit it!

    She came as third member to my other two animal partners, Cordino and Papardella, two pure Siamese findings from the “Rescue service for animals”, two cats with incredible beauty and wonderful character.
    These were saved narrowly by a field with asparagus, where had been tossed in the winter by 10 degrees below zero, being both just fourteen days and almost dead.
    Although they had (and still have) serious harm with their health, many people wanted to get them. But the rescue service (with which I had previously worked in the past because of wild animals) asked me to I take them, to avoid anyone abusing them for breeding.

    Blanquita had a similar biography, but no one wanted Blanquita, because she was not beautifull.
    My oldest cat Caruso was just dead, with 18 years, and I decided to add in my family a third, new partner. I told the organisation, this time I would decide alone.
    They agreed.
    When I entered in the room I saw just about seven cats, the most of them were breed cats.
    In one corner I saw Blanquita, white with grey dots and a vulgar brown “curtain” over her left eye, which reduced her aesthetically very much.
    Immediately she came near me, fell back, put her foot of my hair and whispered to me something, that nobody else listened, except me: “take me from here, and you will see that we will be happy together”!

    And so it happened!
    Since then, Blanquita and I are inseparable, I can not even go to the toilet without her.
    The dedication, loyalty, gratitude are the feelings that offer all the animals, when they feel loved.
    My Blanquita has given me all this with an excessive generosity.

    Very early she understood that she could not win the competition with Cordino and Papardella, in relation to the interest of our visitors.
    All show interest for the beautiful and so Blanquita remains unregarded, though she does everything to be noticed.
    That`s why she has adopted the tactic of surprise.
    She rises on one of the wooden beams, that support the roof of the mill (where I live and have specially constructed for my animals) and starts to relay races and acrobatics up and down.
    Many people do not like this, because with an animal jumping over their head they feel at risk. But this is exactly what oblige them to deal with her.
    When they show enough interest, Blanquita goes down again and honour all very generously for their attention!!

    Recently, a colleague visiting me told us:” I cannot understand, what you find about this animal, and you have such an affection for her”!!
    “Since I have Blanquita,” I told him, “I have a special affection for ugly beings. That’s why you are also sympathetic to me”!!!

    He did not visit us anymore.
    Because Blanquita and I tolerate the ugly faces but not the ugly characters.

    with best regards for all hier!

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