The Hidden Death.


The Hidden Death” by Tommaso Ausili.

Poor animals are forced to helplessly watch the slaughters of their friends

and relatives while knowing they suffer the same fate.

Let’s do all we can to end this!

Don’t support factory farms by giving up animal products, such as meat, dairy,

sheepskins, leather, wool, down, etc.

Have compassion for innocent beings.



One Response

  1. Sentient animals are persons. We cannot help them without Constitutional recognition of their personality. Why we are so inert, so slow, so Big Nothing ? Because we are safe under our own prsonality. What we now do is nothing !!! We just cry and write around and just make a horrible pics and videos , sometimes help to several, to hundreds , but many millions suffer and be killed. We do nothing.We do not do anything, and we live 21.Century , there is no excuse for us…. We, together,all of us, are nothing but the Big Shame in front of these sentient Victims=persons..

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