It Changed Species.


In March 2003, the animal rights organization PETA wanted to transfer its broadcast “Holocaust on your plate” from the USA in Germany: “” Holocaust in Ihrem Teller “. Peta wanted to protest with seven posters against the suffering of mast animals.

One of the posters presented a photograph of corpses of prisoners in concentration camps opposite to a heap of slaughtered pigs.

Another placard showed, under the heading “For the Animals, are all people Nazis” prisoners in a row of high beds opposite to choked chickens in live batteries.

“The concept of this campaign goes back to the Jewish Nobel Prize laureate Isaak Bashevis Singer, who said that when it comes to the animals, everyone becomes a Nazi, for the animals is every day Treblinka“, said Harald Ullmann, head of RETA Germany. The ex-president of the Central Council of the Jews, Paul Spiegel, had filed against this campaign. A court in Berlin gave him right and so is banned the campaign in April 2004, in Germany. The European Court of Human Rights confirmed the ruling against the spread of such motifs in Germany, in March 2009.

Nevertheless, the road to the slaughterhouse is the road to Auschwitz.

In this world there is a system of exploitation, cruelty and murder, which can only be measured with the Fascism of the Third Reich. If at that time this system has demanded 6 million Jews (and not Jews) from 1941 to 1945, today this system, our system, has no end, it regenerates itself and incessantly and destroys every day millions of living beings.

Everything, what the Nazis have done to the Jews, we practice now with animals! The same factory of extermination, as at that time in Auschwitz, is now practiced with animals. And we know it.

Today, more than ever, we are informed about the cruel experiments on animals, about the cruel daily executions in slaughterhouses and farms, about the Dachau Schelters for streams. And nevertheless, we walk around as if we were not to blame, as if it is normal and natural to consume violence and death. All the meat and animal products consumers stand on the side of the executioner.

They pay the meat-mafia with their money, they support them. For the animal- holocaust does not bear the fault a small fascist oligarchy, as in the time of national socialism. Consumers pay for the conservation of this system, which consists of torture and death, in slaughterhouses, in farms, in experimental laboratories.

If we know that this world consists of victims and executioners, our task is to act morally and not to cooperate with the executioners.


with my best regards

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