China: Thanks To Animals Asia, Chinese Dogs Enjoy Vaccinations, De-Worming – and a Taste of Christmas.



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Chinese dogs enjoy vaccinations, de-worming – and a taste of Christmas



22 December 2016


Some of the poorest dogs in Chengdu enjoyed a taste of Christmas kindness thanks to the Animals Asia staff who provide them with year-round health care.

Many of the local dogs around Animals Asia’s China Bear Rescue Centre in Chengdu live bleak lives. They are fed an unsuitable diet, given little love or affection and are mostly kept chained up as guard dogs.

That’s why Animals Asia goes into local communities year round to spread awareness of animal welfare and provide health care for the animals.

In a typical month this will include vaccinations, de-worming and de-sexing, but with Christmas approaching, staff wanted to do something extra special for the unfortunate dogs they have grown to love over the years.

With red Santa hats on, the team went into local villages to give the animals some doggie treats they had never seen before – a taste of Christmas kindness they could never have imagined.



Animals Asia Veterinarian Sheridan Lathe said:

“It was really lovely to give these treats to the dogs. Many local families don’t have money to spare on dog food or treats so most of these dogs have never tasted anything except rice with occasional left overs.

“They get really excited when they see us because they know we will bring them something tasty. Seeing the joy on their faces as they devoured the new treats was heart-warming!”

Having earned the trust of the local villagers over the years, Animals Asia staff are free to visit the dogs at any time to provide health care, companionship or even to take the dogs for walk to gain much needed exercise.



Sheridan said:

“By keeping the local animals healthy, we create a protective ring around the bear sanctuary of healthy animals which reduces the risk of diseases, such as distemper, spreading on site.

“But this work is also important in that it improves the welfare for these local animals. We not only give them vaccinations and de-worming but also discuss diets and proper animal care with the owners.”

Away from the Chengdu sanctuary, Animals Asia also runs a Trap-Neuter-Release (TNR) fund project in other parts of China to help control stray populations humanely.

In 2016, the fund helped four local groups to successfully neuter and release 517 stray cats in Shanghai, Beijing, Qingdao and Guangzhou.

With Animals Asia’s support another local group Shanghai Focus Neuter has managed to achieve a 70% neuter rate among strays in several of the communities where they operate.


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