England: Some Great ‘Fur Out’ News To Finish The Year On !



Some excellent fur news to end the year on; from Mark and all the crew at Respect:





We were all celebrating when world-renowned luxury brand Armani agreed to officially go fur free.


We were delighted that such an influential brand in the fashion industry as Armani decided to end the use of real fur- what a blow to the fur trade!



Mink farming ended in Japan!


The breeding of mink for their fur in Japan is over after the country’s last remaining fur farm shut down.



We were celebrating a few weeks ago as the Dutch Supreme Court upheld the ban on fur farming.

The Court ruled that the ban on fur farming is NOT in breach of the European Convention on Human Rights.

The fur trade was desperate to overturn the ban and this victory was a win for animal lovers everywhere.

One day fur farming will be banned everywhere.



The fur trade took a hit with a big drop in global mink fur production.

One of the largest fur auction houses, Kopenhagen Fur, reported that the production of mink pelts had fallen by 25%- from 72 million to 54 million year on year. 

This was largely due to the collapse in the price of pelts, which followed high levels of over production as many new fur farms opened in order to cash in on a big rise in demand for fur several years ago (particularly in China).

 fur  fur  fur


International experts discussed fur farming ban legislation

Respect for Animals attended and co-organised an international seminar in Prague to discuss legislation that could lead to a ban on fur farming in the Czech Republic and elsewhere across Europe.

Among the speakers was the globally recognised expert on foxes Professor Stephen Harris, who co-authored Respect for Animals’ recent comprehensive scientific report into the welfare of mink and foxes on fur farms (read it here).  Also in attendance was the Labour MP Maria Eagle, who introduced the Private Members Bill to ban fur farming in the UK, backing Respect for Animals’ national campaign.



Ricky Gervais backed Respect for Animals’ #SayNoToFur online campaign.
Our #SayNoToFur social media storm was launched by cricketing legend Jason Gillespie who was soon joined by many of our social media supporters, who dowloaded our anti-fur poster and sent us your picture. Celebrities Ricky Gervais and Jane Fallon got in on the act too!

Click here to watch our video montage of some of our supporters holding our anti-fur poster

Europe got its first fur-free shopping street!

Going to Amsterdam?

Then head to Hartenstraat, which this year was officially announced as Europe’s first fur-free shopping street!





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