Crusades for animal renaissance!

Crusades for animal renaissance!

Every year this day, when others enjoy their holiday table with pieces of slaughtered animals on their plate and shoot expensive fireworks in the air to say “good bye” to the last night of year, I make my own celebration.

I have not many guests, we are still a few.

We are those who in this year rescued an animal, rescued many animals, those who rescued the hope of life. We are those who do not believe that the Three Kings will bring a better future, we believe in action and fight.

We are those who continue our crusades in the name of those who have no right to live, in spite of despair and sorrow, despite mass murders and terrible crimes against our animal companions, despite this horrible routine which has even surpassed the Hell of Dante.

Because we are those who love and protect the life, we are the pioneers of animal renaissance!

To all my guests, in my country and all over the world, all those who demonstrate daily courage, nerves, sensitivity in the fight for a better future for our animal companions, I send warmest wishes for the best in the future, my support, my respect.

And my love


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