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Toughie, the Last Rabbs’ Tree Frog

It’s been a tough year. The last Rabbs’ fringe-limbed tree frog, nicknamed Toughie, died alone in a cage in Atlanta — and with him went his species, never to return. The warmest temperatures ever were recorded in the Arctic, causing starving polar bears to desperately forage for trash on the edge of villages. And a climate denier was elected president, appointing oil industry and banking executives to the highest levels of government so they can gut lifesaving environmental laws.

Our most critically endangered species are in terrible jeopardy from Donald Trump and the choices he’s already made. An oilman at the State Department, a climate denier heading the EPA, a wolf-hater in charge of the Department of the Interior — these are disasters for both the planet and the people.

But take heart. With your matched contribution to the Center’s Wildlife and Wild Places Defense Fund, together we will beat them back. A wildlife champion has stepped forward to double any gift you make until Dec. 31.

In 2016 the Center for Biological Diversity won critical legal protections for 32 endangered species. We secured 2.5 million acres of habitat for these species. We overturned a decision denying help to wolverines, put a stop to multiple fossil fuel auctions on public lands, and secured vital new protections from the seafood industry for whales and dolphins. With you, we will stop Trump from killing off our natural heritage.

We’re the nation’s leading endangered species protection group, with a 93 percent success record in the courts. In the past quarter-century, we’ve saved more than 600 species from extinction and protected more than half a billion acres of critical habitat designated for recovery.

But with anti-wildlife politicians in Congress preparing to force an end to the protection of wolves, grizzlies, sage grouse and other species, we’ll have to fight more fiercely than ever to stop extinction and habitat destruction. That’s why on Jan. 2 we’re setting off on a 16-city cross country #Earth2Trump resistance tour that will gather thousands of supporters to confront Trump at the inauguration. Please give now while there’s still time for your gift to be matched dollar for dollar.

Your doubled gift to the Wildlife and Wild Places Defense Fund by Dec. 31 will empower us to fight to protect our planet every day in 2017. Please — give what you can today.

For the wild,

Kierán Suckling
Kierán Suckling
Executive Director
Center for Biological Diversity


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