Germany: illegal killing of a she-wolf

Criminal charges for the killing of a she-wolf

On the night of February 11, a wolf was killed in the Osnabrück-Emsland region of Lower Saxony (Germany) with the permission of the state (!!!)

According to Lower Saxony’s Environment Minister Olaf Lies, the so-called “Herzlaker wolf pack” based there is said to have torn sheep over a long period of time.

The animal that was shot is a she-wolf.

The exemption, however, related to a male animal (!!!)

Strafanzeige wegen Tötung einer Wölfin

At the end of last week, PETA filed a criminal complaint with the Oldenburg public prosecutor’s office against those responsible – including the unknown hobby hunter and officials.

In addition to the current killing of the she-wolf without specific permission, the animal rights organization fundamentally criticizes wolf killings because it only protects the economic interests of the sheep farmers.

“According to the Lower Saxony state government, wolves should die so that shepherds do not suffer any financial losses.
That is a highly unethical motive.
The shepherds are not concerned with the welfare of the animals.

The supposed idyll on the pasture must not hide the fact that sheep are almost always violently killed in the slaughterhouse – with everything that goes with the animal industry: animal transports, failed stunning, fear, and pain.

The shooter’s permission to hunt must be withdrawn immediately, as he is apparently unable to distinguish a female from a male.
There are numerous case studies in which hunters shot away even though they could not make sure that it was the right animal. “
(Dr. Edmund Haferbeck, head of the Law and Science Department at PETA).

Hunters see wolves as “competitors”

In PETA’s opinion, the special permit for the shooting in Lower Saxony violated the provisions of the Federal Nature Conservation Act and the Animal Welfare Act.

The organization points out that some hunters, farmers, and politicians want the wolf to lose its protected status and to be included in hunting law as a huntable animal species.

The hunters claim that native wildlife lacks natural enemies such as the wolf, while hunters kill them themselves.

Predators are often viewed and pursued by hobby hunters as competition.

For farmers, on the other hand, protective measures mean additional costs or effort – and there is no longer any profit to be made from wracked animals that would otherwise have been forcibly killed in the slaughterhouse.

And I mean…It is basically the hunters who, for whatever reason, want to get the wolf free to shoot.
The wolf is listed as an excess to be reduced, as the individualized evil, as the suspiciously guilty party that needs to be destroyed.

Whole packs even disappear just like that from the scene: the wolf is targeted at any place, at any time, on the basis of secret criteria and secret evidence, which are classified as necessary in secret procedures by unknown and largely anonymous persons in charge, without any scientific foundation, without any evidence.

Wild animals make up just 3% of the total biomass of land vertebrates on earth!
The rest is “useful” animals + human animals!

According to the German Federal Statistical Office, an average of more than two million animals are slaughtered here every day ”.
Per day!
“150 billion animals are slaughtered worldwide every year, 4756 per second …”

So, the criminal is not the wolf, but the meat and dairy industry, in which the small farmers are (also) involved.

The predators do not practice any environmentally damaging factory farming, they either eat what is there or starve to death.

Germany is the country where a pitiful minority of 388,000 hunters (0.45% of the population) have turned the forest, lake, and the rest of our nature into a shooting range and that with the support of the state ministers and politicians …

The hunting world is much worse than we can imagine.

My best regards to all, Venus


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