Tibet: From ‘Free Tibet’ London – Tibet remains the second least free place in the world.




From ‘Free Tibet’ – London:

Tibet remains the second least free place in the world in Freedom House’s annual survey.

Freedom House, the influential American human rights and democracy organisation, published its annual Freedom in the World report (PDF) today. The report assesses political freedom in countries and territories across the world and gives a damning assessment of political rights and civil liberties in occupied Tibet.

Tibet was classified overall as being ‘Not free’. Using a scale from 1 to 7 (with 1 being most free and 7 being least free) Tibet was rated a 7 for both political rights and civil liberties.

Only 13 countries and territories received this lowest possible grade, including North Korea, Saudi Arabia and Sudan.





Tibetan musician freed after four years in jail


Free Tibet had previously pushed for the release of Amchok Phuljung as part of its Jailed Musicians campaign


Amchok Phuljung, a Tibetan musician who sang about the Dalai Lama, has been freed after serving four years in prison.

Despite official warnings, the Tibetan musician’s family staged a grand welcome for his return home and several videos and pictures circulating on social media show him being adorned with ceremonial scarves. Fellow musicians are seen in the clips celebrating Phuljung’s return while renowned Tibetan poet Nyen is also seen welcoming him home.


Read more – https://freetibet.org/news-media/na/tibetan-musician-freed-after-4-years-jail?utm_source=Free+Tibet+email+updates&utm_campaign=2a6f351200-JAN-NEWS-FREEDOM-HOUSE-MUSICIANS-RELEASED_2017&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_8b3b75e260-2a6f351200-49881965&mc_cid=2a6f351200&mc_eid=0640490884


Latest Tibet activist news    https://freetibet.org/news  








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