USA: Is Emperor Trump Now Ready To Give 100 Million Acres of Pristine Arctic (Currently Protected) Back To His Rich Mates In Oil and Gas ?



We’re asking those devoted to protecting polar bears, seals and other ocean wildlife — like you — to make sure we have the resources we need every day. Please, give wildly with a monthly recurring gift. Read on to learn why we need you by our side now more than ever. — Kierán


Hi Mark,

President Trump may be about to pull off his biggest oil industry giveaway yet: revoking protections for more than 100 million acres of Arctic polar bear habitat and handing it over to Big Oil and Gas.

Allowing offshore oil and gas companies into the heart of the pristine Arctic — home to polar bears and ice seals already desperately struggling to survive — will be a disaster for wildlife and the climate. An oil spill would be impossible to clean up, and the nearest Coast Guard station is 1,000 miles away.

But Trump doesn’t care about that. He’s doing whatever it takes to open up the cash pipeline for his super-rich friends.

We’ll never let Big Oil and Gas get their hands on the Arctic. Please make a monthly gift to the Center to support our Trump Resistance Fund today. With your automatic support you’ll help build the firepower it’s going to take to protect the Arctic and its wildlife from Trump and the oil and gas industry.

No one has done more to save polar bears than the Center for Biological Diversity. We fought in court to get them protected under the Endangered Species Act and safeguarded their most critical habitat against the threats from the oil and gas industry.

We’ve fought similar fights to save other wildlife in the Arctic, including ice seals. We know how to win.

Trump has a dark vision for the Arctic. Instead of unspoiled shorelines and crisp clean air, he wants the region industrialized and polluted — existing solely for oil and gas profits. But pipelines fail, and oil spills and disaster follow the oil and gas industry wherever it goes.

President Obama did the right thing late last year by protecting 115 million acres of the Arctic from offshore drilling. With a stroke of his pen, Trump will overturn that visionary action.

We’ll fight hard to stop him. Please consider enrolling in monthly giving and we’ll mount a fierce defense of polar bears and other Arctic wildlife.

By giving wildly with a monthly donation, you’ll be helping the Center hire 10 new lawyers and investigators to stop the worst of Trump’s plans, from the high courts to the court of public opinion. We’re growing a movement that is millions strong and will mobilize out in the streets with a history-making wave of activism and resistance. But we need you by our side to make it happen.

Please support the Trump Resistance Fund with a monthly recurring donation today.

For the wild,

Kierán Suckling
Executive Director
Center for Biological Diversity


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