USA: Tell The USDA, Show Me The Reports – Dont Hide Animal Cruelty !


SAV Comment – No doubt access removed by the emperor to cover up for his animal abusing friends.


Jesus America – how did you ever vote a ***** like this into being President ? – Mega rich looking after mega rich and nothing else.


On Friday the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) removed tens of thousands of animal-related inspection reports, documents and enforcement actions from its public website, citing unspecified privacy issues and, strangely, a commitment to “transparency.”



We’re asking you to help us fight back—for the animals left in the dark, and for our basic rights.


Animal welfare groups such as the ASPCA, as well as journalists, pet-related businesses, state agencies and the public rely heavily on this online resource.

Why is USDA hiding the reports now?

Why make it more difficult to look into a business’s record of animal treatment?

Who benefits, besides industries that want to keep their animal abuse hidden from the public eye?


Stand with us now and sign our petition to USDA, telling it to reverse its blackout on animal welfare information.





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