England: ‘Free Tibet’ London – Donate This Week and Double Your Money to ‘Tibet Watch’, India.









Have you read news from Tibet on our website or taken action in one of our campaigns?

None of this would be possible without our research partner Tibet Watch.

From their field office in northern India, Tibet Watch researchers collate and corroborate testimonies and eye-witness accounts of human rights abuses in Tibet. With over a decade of experience, Tibet Watch is the most effective organisation in the world for sourcing news from Tibet.

Tibetans risk life imprisonment for speaking out about the lack of freedom, so Tibet Watch must have the resources to protect its sources by ensuring its communication systems aren’t vulnerable to intrusion.





Will you help Tibet Watch this February?

Every pound you donate between 12 noon (GMT) on Monday 13 February and 12 midnight (GMT) on Monday 20 February, will be doubled. 

Funds raised during Tibet Match will directly support the Tibet Watch field office. It costs:

$15 to heat the office during cold Himalayan winters

$40 for travel to interviews with Tibetan refugees

$100 for secure communications with contacts inside Tibet

$300 to help pay for researchers’ salaries

I hope you can help Tibet Watch continue their important work





Thank you

Director, Free Tibet & Tibet Watch





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