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I want to create an NGO to protect animals, managed by neighbors, municipal authorities and veterinary professionals.

Create a home for abandoned dogs

Addressed to: Departmental Government of San José, Intendant of the Department of San José José Luis Falero

Create, as far as possible, a home for abandoned animals, not a place of confinement, a refuge as the word says, where they feel safe, loved, respected and cared for.


Thank you,’s team

Petition link –



SIGN: Justice for Trusting Cat Brutally Attacked with Battery Acid


Georgie, a family cat in Exeter, England known for loving and trusting humans, is now fighting for her life after someone viciously attacked the sweet tabby with battery acid, severely burning her face and body.

When Georgie staggered back home after the attack, she was foaming at the mouth and missing large swaths of fur. Her mouth, tongue and throat are burned so badly, she cannot eat. Even if she survives, she will likely lose her ears and may be permanently blind.

Georgie is under veterinary care, but if she is badly burned internally, she will not survive.

This sickening torture of a gentle, loving cat is inexcusable

Whoever poured acid on Georgie must be found at once, as they are a dire threat to the community.

Sign this petition to urge Exeter police to put every effort into finding and apprehending this sick individual, so that no more animals or humans will suffer this horrific fate.


Petition link –



Woman Accused of Starving Dog With Untreated Stomach Tumor Must be Punished

 Demand that the woman who allegedly starved, neglected, and denied her dogs needed veterinary care receive the maximum penalty by law.

Two dogs became seriously ill after they were allegedly denied food and veterinary care. The dogs reportedly suffered from malnutrition, and one had a large untreated mass. Demand justice for these innocent dogs.

Petition link –



SIGN: Justice for Dog Thrown from Balcony and Beaten with Sticks by Mob

A Liverpool family is heartbroken after their beloved dog Hindo was brutally hurled from their balcony and then beaten to death with sticks by an angry mob.

The group was drinking and throwing bottles in the streets outside the family’s apartment when the mother spoke to them to try to get them to quiet down. Instead, the thugs climbed up to the balcony wielding broken bottles and knives. When loyal Hindo tried to protect his family, the mob threw him from the balcony to the street below.

When poor Hindo landed, they proceeded to beat him mercilessly.

Hindo died in this ruthless attack, and now justice must be served. Sign this petition urging police to fully investigate and prosecute all individuals involved in the killing of this innocent animal.

Petition link –



Justice for Elephant Starved, Beaten and Killed


Lamxi the elephant was malnourished and beaten for 30 years of her life.

When she was no longer useful to her abusers, they apparently left her alone

to die in a small brick shed. Demand that these people are found and

prosecuted for their heinous crime against this beautiful elephant.

Petition link –


Punish Couple Accused of Raping Their Dog on Video

Demand that the couple who allegedly had sex with their dog multiple times receive the maximum penalty by law.

A dog was allegedly forced to have sex with a man and a woman in a shocking case of animal cruelty. The suspects reportedly set up a private trailer and filmed themselves sexually abusing their dog. Demand justice for this poor dog.

Petition link –


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