Ukraine: Updated 20/08 – Please Take Action to Support the Campaign Against Dog Killings





Below is a copy of an updated message sent to SAV by Stefan today – 20/08/10.    

Please support the requests that he sends out – petitions and letters – sample letter below.    

Thanks SAV.  


Would you like to support our Action?

We’ve got the horrible situation in Ukraine.
Sterilization programmes, being already adopted are cancelled by official authorities !  

We had adopted sterilization programs already but they are now cancelled by official authoriries!  

It took place in  Kyiv, Khrarkov, Donetsk, where we have already protested against returning to killware methods of animal regulation:  , Kharkov –, Donetsk –  ,,   

but they don’t pay any attention to us

Sterilised and socialized dogs (undercared by animal protectors and volunteers) are going to be euthanased up to Euro-2012. Cities administration already buy new vans for catching dogs and they are going  to “clean” streets in order to make an super-profit to dog-catch organizations.  

In fact, it will bring to situation when all killed dogs would be soon replaced with another once which will come to the city from the suburbs, un socialised and un strerilised, and this is a great damage to city budget, baseless waste of funds and killing of lives.  

I call for help and all desirable influence in order to stop this senseless massacre and just leave animals in care of animal protection organizations, that are really worry and care about their lives.  

After the Kravchuk’s letter to Janukovich (, the Vice Prime Minister in charge of preparations for Euro 2012 Borys Kolesnikov announced about building municipal shelters, despite that shelters would not cause animal population to reduce, but would improve state corruption and animal sufferings from economy on shelter’s needs.  

There is slightly suspicion that new shelters, opened accurate to Euro 2012 would made the same “humane” way as new Borodyanka preferred.  

Don’t changing anything in treatment to animals, nor solving the problem with sterilisation, Kyiv city administration is going to kill everyone: both stray sterilized and un sterilised animals, just to make the profit on forthcoming Euro-2012. Instead of being shot or poisoned they all suspected to be murdered in shelters, which is the mainly first enterprisers of producing money from captured animals.  

Communal enterprise “Shelter for animals” (in Borodyanka) continues it’s work, each day catching animals (both sterilized, socialized and un sterelised) and delivering them to their “shelter”, where nobody has no access. (the middle of the video)  

I call for all journalists, personalities and un indifferent humans to end this war against stray animals. WE FIGHTING FOR PEACE. Where is a lot of public organisations and citizens, who sterilise animals and care them.  


Dear friends,  

Thank you for joining this event, it is very important for you to support our actions.  

Please be so kind and send a letter to the following recipients (see below) and ask them about the situation at Communal enterprise “Shelter for animals” (In the village Borodynka, close to Kiev) and protest against the killing of innocent animals.  


Dear Sirs,  

I have learnt about the intention to euthanise the stray animals of Kiev.  

In particular I refer to the Communal enterprise “Shelter for animals” in the municipal type village Borodynka, close to Kiev.  

Please clarify how you propose to deal with the stray animals in the care of this shelter.  

I understand that Kiev city administration proposes to kill all dogs, both sterilized and un sterilised just to make a profit on the forthcoming Euro-2012.  

Instead of being shot or poisoned (as in 2009) it is suspected that innocent animals will be murdered in shelters, and underhanded profit obtained from the death of the animals held captive in these shelters.
I respectfully ask you to stop the killing of defenceless animals, according to Law Article 16 “On the Protection of Animals from Cruelty”  

I respectfully urge you to follow the example of other countries and find ways to humanly control the situation of stray animals in your country. For example: sterilization, the building of NO KILL SHELTERS, creating a program of adoption, both in your country, and also international.  

I beg you to please solve this sad problem in a humane way. The deliberate killing of stray dogs does nothing to reduce the amount of animals on the streets, and also tarnishes the reputation of your country!  

Please display to the world that your country chooses to love and care for it’s stray animals and chooses to give them chance of life.  

Please do not use the wonderful event of EURO 2012 to kill and cause suffering to innocent, defenceless animals.  

Thank you for your understanding and your time in reading my letter.  

Yours Respectfully,




Everybody must get acknowledged

Send the letter to Your officials and well-known personalities, whose acquire deals with Ukraine and tell them about forthcoming new genocide (against being socialized animals and people, who care them) that could badly damage the image both of UEFA and Ukraine.  

Because whenever everything would be finished, when would be to late to talk about or change something. the System must be changed before it’s proceed.  

For more effect, send written letters to  

1. Kyiv Municipal State Administration
36 Kreschatik street, 044, Kiev 01044,
To Mayor Leonid Mykhailovich Chernovetskiy
tel. 38 044 279-2023

2. Ministry of Environmental Protection Of Ukraine.
Urytskogo Str. 35, Kyiv, Ukraine 03035
To Mister Movchan  

3. Local Organizing komitete “Euro-2012 Ukraine”
Ukraine, 01133, Kiev
Laboratorny bystreet, 7-а, House of football,
tel: +38 (044) 521-0-533
fax: +38 (044) 521-0-536

ASK your local Animal protect organizations and communities to write an open OFFICIAL letters to our officials  

(don’t forget to give us a link 😉  

It’s the only way to influence on this long-stuck corrupt system.  




REALITY goes on at this moment!  

YOU can also sign the following petitions:;;;


















Maybe, it’s time to put a dot on this story?  

With Hope,
Sincerely Your’s.
Stefan Khrabrov  



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