USA: Coca Cola (Again) Is Making Billions From Indigenous People – And They Dont Get Any Share Of The Profits !



Coca-Cola is lining its pockets with the use of THE new trendy sweetener – the stevia – which comes from the traditional knowledge of indigenous groups in South America, the Guarani Paî Tavytera and Kaiowa people.

While Big Soda companies like Coca-Cola make billions off this knowledge, none of these communities are getting a single penny.

Coca-Cola’s dreadful attitude violates the rights of indigenous people as enshrined in international treaties.

But you can stop this by sharing this video to raise awareness of the Guarani’s plight.

Let’s stand in solidarity with the Guarani people against Coca-Cola’s exploitation — you can help make sure that this message is heard far and wide.




Click here to watch the video and share it with your friends.


The more people who know about the issue, the more power we’ll have to pressure Coca-Cola into settling with the Guaranis on a fair and equitable sharing of the profits out of the use of this natural sweetener.

SumOfUs is teaming up with Public Eye, Pro-Stevia Schweiz and France Libertés to make sure everybody knows about the bitter-sweet taste of stevia. We know this tactic works. Our videos targeting PepsiCo have clocked over 20 million views and have gone viral because they were shared by members like you. They’ve brought PepsiCo back to the negotiating table, and forced it to come up with a new palm oil commitment.

You truly hold the power to make a difference: you can make this glaring injustice a thorn in Coca-Cola’s side. Spread the word!



Watch and share the video with your friends by clicking here now.

Thanks for all that you do,
Fatah, Marie and the team at SumOfUs 




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