22/4/17 – ‘Earthday’.


Donald Trump – Saviour of the Environment – according to him (and probably only him) anyway !


Today, 22/4/17 is ‘Earthday’.


Whilst much of the world is doing its best to improve the situation, we now have the USA and the utter fool Trump as being the denier of all problems – except for Executive orders killing off wildlife; denying global warming; being angry with China – that is apart from when daughter Ivanka uses it (China) to have all her clothing line made cheaply there for export and then sale in the USA ! – ‘putting America first’ does not really ring true with the Trump family money making priorities –




This guy really needs to learn a few basics about the environment and how with people like him, it can be so easily destroyed.


Americans voted for him; now they need to get him to act; or preferably, take a long walk off a short pier.


Earthday links:
















Maybe Americans should get the dickhead Trump to watch this:





Today may be the most consequential Earth Day ever.


Clean air and water are under attack.

Our public lands are at risk.

Endangered species are on the brink.

Our climate is at a tipping point.

And President Trump isn’t just ignoring the crises around us. He’s making them worse.

The stakes have never been higher — so we’re raising our stakes, too. I’m thrilled to announce a special opportunity to make a huge impact on our fight for the future this Earth Day: If 2,500 NRDC supporters like you donate by midnight on Earth Day — tomorrow night — a generous donor will kick in an extra $100,000 for the environment! This amazing pledge couldn’t come at a better time.

The first three months of Trump’s presidency have brought an onslaught of attacks against the environment:

  • Resurrecting the dirty Keystone XL pipeline

  • Dismantling President Obama’s landmark Clean Power Plan

  • Threatening our oceans with dangerous offshore drilling

  • Lifting the moratorium on new coal leases on public lands

  • Rolling back critical clean car standards

That list only scratches the surface of Trump’s reckless, short-sighted policies, and he shows no signs of slowing down. But we’re in this for the long run — and with so many fights still ahead of us, we can’t leave a $100,000 gift on the table.

Mark, please take the Earth Day Challenge NOW to support NRDC and help fight Trump’s extreme, pro-polluter agenda at every turn!

Simply put, this administration threatens our most fundamental environmental resources, essential to life on Earth: Water that is safe to drink. Air that is clean to breathe. Lands, rivers, and oceans where wildlife can thrive.

That’s what we’re fighting for — and it’s what you fight for when you stand with NRDC. Your tax-deductible gift will enable us to strike back in court against Trump’s outrageous attacks … hold corporations accountable when they poison our air and water … keep the pressure on our leaders to stand up for the environment … rally thousands of people to march at the upcoming Peoples Climate March … and defend our environment on all fronts.

But none of that can happen without you. Chip in today so we can hit our urgent goal of 2,500 NRDC donors and unlock this $100,000 Earth Day gift. Thank you for everything you do for wildlife, the climate, and future generations — on Earth Day and every day.

Sincerely, Rhea Suh President, NRDC


Check out loads of campaigns and actions at:




Trump Sued for Revoking Protections for Wolves, Bears in Alaska

Read more.

Public Records Sought on Dow’s Efforts to Pressure Trump Administration Over Pesticides, Endangered Species

U.S. Sen. Barrasso Reintroduces Bill to Ramp Up Logging, Reduce Protections for Endangered Species on National Forests

Scientists to March Against Trump’s Alternative Facts, Climate Denial

Newsroom — More Press Releases



There’s never been a better Earth Day to speak up for the wild. This year — thanks to a group of amazing volunteers — the Center for Biological Diversity will be tabling at more than 100 Earth Day events in all 50 states. We’ll have petitions to sign, advice on actions to take and pre-stamped postcards you can send to your member of Congress urging protection for endangered species, our climate and public lands.

On the first Earth Day since the election of Donald Trump, take a moment to make your voice heard.

Come find at one of these exciting events on Saturday, April 22.





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