Meat Is Murder.

The song by ‘The Smiths’ which created more vegetarians in the UK than anything else !

‘The Smiths’ was led by frontman ‘Morrissey’, who you can see in the second video.  Morrissey is a massive animal rights activist / campaigner – and his feelings about meat are reflected in the song.  You can see more Morrissey by visiting the ‘About Us’ tab at the top and scrolling down to the section where videos are shown.  ‘Everyday is like Sunday’ is a good example – great song and the video reflects that anti meat philosophy which he has – here is the video link to save time.

Below – 2 videos of ‘Meat is Murder’ by ‘The Smiths’

Above – ‘Morrissey’, or ‘Mozza’ as we call him in the UK.  Top Man !

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