Oh Happy EU – Well The Commissioners Only, Maybe ???


Above – Nations that question the ‘EU’ policy most

– UK has already voted ‘out’ so is not included.


French Election – 7/5/17.

‘The EU is KILLING Europe’ Marine Le Pen attacks Brussels bureaucrats and rival Macron



Ms Le Pen said: “I’m a European. I want to save Europe from the EU, which is killing it.”

She then vented her fury at unelected Commissioners, saying “No one knows their name or their face.  And above all no one has voted for them”.


This basically backs what we (SAV) have said for a long time.  Unelected Commissioners run the EU – they ignore the information we send to them as evidence – simply so that nobody is allowed to upset the apple cart.




Two years ago Yanis Varoufakis led Greece’s failed attempt to negotiate with the EU. He explains how the Brussels establishment will do everything to frustrate and outmanoeuvre the British prime minister, using tactics ranging from truth reversal to ‘the Penelope ruse’


“In truth, Brussels is a democracy-free zone. From the EU’s inception in 1950, Brussels became the seat of a bureaucracy administering a heavy industry cartel, vested with unprecedented law-making capacities. Even though the EU has evolved a great deal since, and acquired many of the trappings of a confederacy, it remains in the nature of the beast to treat the will of electorates as a nuisance that must be, somehow, negated”.

“When the Brussels-based group-thinking commentariat accuse Britain’s prime minister, without a shred of evidence, of overestimating the importance of a strong mandate, we need to take notice, for it reveals the determination of the EU establishment to get its way, as it did when I arrived on its doorstep, equipped with my mandate”.

“For all their concerns with rules, treaties, processes, competitiveness, freedom of movement, terrorism etc, only one prospect truly terrifies the EU’s deep establishment: democracy. They speak in its name to exorcise it, and suppress it by six innovative tactics, as May (UK Prime Minister) is about to discover”.