I did not go to the demonstration.

On May 1, this year I did not go to the demonstration.

Every year I was there, along with many other politically progressive people, to commemorate the workers’ movement.

The reason is that today my evaluation of the victims of the system has radically changed.

The working class 100 years ago, was the victim of capitalism, at that time it was the proletarians who had nothing to lose but their chains.

Today, it is the pigs who have nothing to lose but their 0.75 square meters of single cells.

Meanwhile, today’s proletarians and then victims of capitalism have a bit more than just losing their chains through the new order of the world.

In contrast to the pigs and all the animals of this world who still live in slavery, exploitation and the destruction of a consumer society, and every day fall victim to the fascism of all classes.

And these sacrifices are silent because they cannot complain, because they cannot make a 1. May revolution.


“The ruling morality is the morality of the ruling class,” had said comrade Marx.

Related to our fellow-citizens, this is already true.

Because the means of production are still in the hands of the ruling class, the oligarchy.

This does not apply to animals.

For the animals: “The ruling morality is the morality of the ruling species”.


I think we need a Marx for the animals!




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