Take The Short Poll – Where We Go Re (More) Future Campaigns.

We are trying to get a feel from you as to how we work campaigns in the future.  We will continue to cover issues of major importance wherever they are in the world, but we want feedback on where you think we should concentrate our efforts more.

The USA is taking a major downward spiral under President Trump when it comes to animals and environment; but it does not mean that we stop promoting the great work of many organisations who have been fighting for animals for years.

Also, there is a lot of good news and progress for animals coming out of the Far East, especially in locations such as China and South Korea.  Things are not perfect at all, but many groups are working hard to make things a lot better, so should we support them more ?.  South Korea has elections on 9/5 which could see major positive changes in the dog meat trade.

We (SAV) feel very positive about the Far East when it comes to animal welfare improvements.  We cannot say the same about the attitude of new leaders in some other places.

Please respond to the short poll below so that we at least get some feedback on how you feel.

The system only allows a week for responses; so please take part soon.

Thanks – SAV.


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