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Dear Louise, Mark and Kent Action Against Live Exports,

Louise – Thank you for forwarding Mark’s/KAALE’s email with link to Serbian Animals Voice webpage about the possibility of Australia (NT) exporting donkeys to China.

All – We are aware of this and are in touch with various people in Australia who are keeping tabs on the situation there, already writing articles, raising awareness etc against such a plan, and will lobby as hard as possible against it if it ever looks like becoming  a reality. Whilst we cannot deny the truth of the articles linked in the Serbian Animals Voice page, many of them are several years (or even decades) old, and in the case of flesh being cut off live donkeys, we had reassurance some years ago from a reliable contact in Beijing that this was rare to start with, and now no longer happens. Whilst we do not condone the roadside slaughter of donkeys by sledgehammer, although it is brutal, as long as it is performed by someone who knows what they’re doing and does it well, it can be quicker and more humane than what goes on behind closed doors in some abattoirs rather closer to home. The photos shown first circulated widely in a Daily Mail article a few years ago and have reappeared at regular intervals since – they are guaranteed (and therefore deliberately used) to shock our western senses. Many of us are happy to eat meat, wear leather, etc, but close our eyes and ears to how it comes to be there and are then upset when the stark truth is laid out before us.

The media statement from Australia is dated 2009 – 8 years ago. Whilst the opening sentences are clearly (in my opinion) written in such a way as to provoke reaction, the Australians had not at that time investigated thoroughly into the logistics or economic viability of such a plan.

If you go on to read the full article (link also given,, you will see that the logistics and economic viability are in fact far from straightforward or easy to justify. This article is dated 2016 and is far more realistic as the extract in the box below demonstrates:

There are currently no protocols in place for the export of Northern Territory donkey hides or meat to China.

“Most importantly, we’ve also been doing some economic analysis to see whether the dollars stack up,” Mr Trier said.

“We undertook some economic analysis, using some assumptions drawn from a range of mechanisms about the value of donkeys in China and their productive turn-off.

“Our analysis, using Australian feral donkeys, is that it doesn’t seem economically viable [to farm them for export], however using Chinese donkey genetics, there could be some economics in it.

“But then, stacking that up against an existing industry, such as cattle, which [donkeys] would have to displace unless it was on other land, cattle appear more profitable.

“From our point of view, donkeys present a diversification opportunity, but it would be a mid to long-term process.”

In short, whilst it is true that Northern Territories have been, and to our knowledge still are, considering the possibility of export of donkeys to China, as far as we know this is not looking imminent. Furthermore, the indications are that if it should happen (which currently looks unlikely), that donkeys would be slaughtered in licensed abattoirs in Australia, not transported live to China.

We have a whole section of our website dedicated to the global issue of the rapidly increasing Chinese demand for donkey products, mainly skins (used in the production of a Traditional Chinese Medicine called ejiao), which is threatening donkey populations around the world, along with the communities that depend upon them for their livelihoods. To read our extensive report on this, and news and updates since it was published in January this year, please go to: Please feel free to circulate this link and the information contained therein to as many people and organisations as you like, and help us to raise support for our campaign.

Again, thank you for your concern. The threat to donkeys around the world is real, and we have a special, cross-departmental taskforce working specifically on this issue.


With kind regards,


Harriet Pottinger

The Donkey Sanctuary, Sidmouth, Devon EX10 0NU

Tel: 01395 578222  Fax: 01395 579266

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Just when Australian’s thought the live animal export trade couldn’t possibly get any worse, there is now a possibility that donkeys will be live exported to China, a country known for it unspeakable cruelty towards animals.

Courtesy of Viral Spell:

Donkeys are butchered and sold by the curbside as customers watch:

In June 2009 a media statement was released by the Minister for Primary Industries, Fisheries and Rural and Regional Queensland. The Honourable Tim Mulherin expressed his desire for Australian donkeys to be live exported to China.  Mr Mulherin’s first sentence really says it all.


Picture shows : Horrifying sights of the animals bashed over the head with a sledgehammer

Picture this: “balmy afternoon in Beijing, donkey steaks sizzling on the barbeque, a little romance in the air aided by some traditional Chinese medicine made from donkey skins.”  He went on to say that “the best part of this scenario is the donkey has been imported from Australia”.

It is extremely unlikely that ‘the best part of this scenario is the donkey has been imported from Australia’, when there are NO animal welfare laws in China for any animal, including Australian animals. Mr Mulherin may think there will be romance in the air while Australian donkey steaks sizzle on the barbeque, but the reality is donkeys in China are killed in the most unspeakable, incomprehensible ways.

There is NOTHING romantic about the horrors donkeys face when slaughtered in China.


‘Donkey deal with China could reap millions’


Alister Trier, chief executive of the NT’s Department of Primary Industry, said over the past two years, the government had been approached by several Chinese companies wanting access to feral donkeys in the Northern Territory.

“The interest has been quite significant; we’ve had well over a dozen enquiries from different Chinese interests,” Mr Trier said.

“There [are] still numbers of feral donkeys in the NT — and too many for a lot of people’s liking — but not the numbers that investors from China were led to believe.”

Mr Trier toured a donkey processing factory in the Shandong province of China this year and said the industry was expanding and the demand for donkeys was incredible.






For decades Australia has been live exporting animals to the Middle East and South East Asia, this has resulted in the most horrific treatment and slaughter of Australian animals. The Australian government and the live export industry, has grossly failed to protect animals from being slaughtered in ways that are heinous. How can the government ensure that Australian donkeys are not killed in such ways if recent talks of starting up a donkey trade to China become a reality?

The answer is it cannot. Investigators have repeatedly exposed the live export trade for exactly what it is! Barbaric beyond belief…Investigators have filmed the most sickening treatment of Australian sheep and cattle on overseas soil, yet this cruel trade continues. Recently Investigators exposed footage of Australian cattle being bashed to death with sledgehammers, the same barbaric method used to kill donkeys in China.


Courtesy of Animals Australia






Canada: Breaking News – Case Dismissed On Activist For Giving Water To Thirsty Pig On Way To Slaughter – Victory !

Compassion on Trial: Breaking News!

Canada’s Compassion Movement Bursts Forth!

Compassion on Trial- Breaking News!

CHARGE DISMISSED against Anita Krajnc of Toronto Pig Save for giving water to a thirsty pig bound for slaughter!

Watch as Anita and her attorneys speak about their crucial victory to a swarm of global media converged outside the Toronto area courthouse!




England: Vote For Vinny !

The Conservative Party want a return to hunting – see more at

A major campaign has now started in the build up to the UK General Election on 8th June 2017.  We must not let the Conservatives repeal the hunting act which has been in place for around the last 11 years.



Support Vinny the fox and show your disgust at animal abuse in hunting.


Okay, I’m a fox cub, I’m not actually taking part in the election – don’t be daft.

·         But a Vote for Vinny means that you care about animals – and you think your human government should care for animals too. I don’t just mean foxes, I mean all animals (even dogs – it’s not their fault peoples make them chase me)

·         A Vote for Vinny means that you’ve moved from the dark days when peoples liked to kill animals like me for fun.

·         And a Vote for Vinny means that you think humans should protect animals like me by punishing those bad peoples who hurt us.

Will you vote for Vinny?


Some clever humans tried to ban hunting long before I was born. It wasn’t just foxes who were grateful – deer, hares and those funny little minks were meant to be saved too.

But now I hear there’s a danger your people in power might want to start hunting us again?


I hate hunting –


Fox cub investigation –




Visit the League Against Cruel Sports web site(s) at



In response to the Prime Minister’s renewed commitment to hold a free vote, League Against Cruel Sports CEO, Eduardo Goncalves said:


“Britain’s voters have been waiting to hear what the next government will be doing on key issues like the NHS, education and Brexit. It’s a shame that Parliamentary time will be spent on trying to make fox hunting legal again. Given that 84% of the public – and 72% of Conservative voters – want fox hunting to remain illegal, this smacks of a small minority with a cruel hobby wielding an inappropriately large influence over the people in charge.

“Personally I want to live in a caring Britain, a country that cares for its people, its countryside and its animals. I want people who are cruel to animals to face a maximum penalty of five years, not six months as it is now. I want us to be compassionate and care about animals dying in the name of sport, such as trophy hunting and hare coursing. I think most people want the same. Are we really going to turn the clock back to a time when killing animals for fun was legal? I’m sure many current and future MPs of all colours feel the same way, so we hope they stand up and be counted when the time comes.”