UK: Conservatives To U Turn On Ivory Ban – Please Take Action Before the 8th June Election.


SAV Comment – Typical Tory elite getting what they want and to hell with the rest of the people.  Don’t vote Conservative on 8th June if you support animal welfare – the Tories just want to destroy everything – and bringing back hunting is just one other example.  Disgusting Party – Disgusting People.

Theresa May – HONOUR The Conservative PLEDGE To End The UK Ivory Trade

Under David Cameron the Conservatives had pledged – along with other UK political parties – to put into place a ban on ivory trading. This follows bans by China, the US and other important ivory trading countries to end domestic trades in ivory by the end of 2017.

But there is no mention of the ban in Theresa May’s Conservative 2017 manifesto. Sneakily,

the Conservatives have decided to DROP their previous commitment to introducing a total ban on ivory trade in Britain. This comes after heavy pressure from wealthy antiques traders who have been lobbying Theresa May hard to drop the ban on ivory.

The most powerful UK antique traders association is the British Antique Dealers’ Association – whose president is Conservative MP and friend of Theresa May, Lady Victoria Borwick.

On average, an Elephant is killed every 15 minutes for its ivory and their population has fallen by almost a third in Africa since 2007.

Interestingly, this policy puts the Conservatives in direct conflict with Prince William, who has been a vocal supporter of a total ban on ivory sales.


Please sign the petition and URGE Theresa May to HONOUR their earlier pledge to ban the UK ivory trade.


Petition link – please sign: