EU: Tin Pot God Junker Does NOTHING To Enforce Existing EU Legislation Despite What The Web Site Says !

UPDATE 7/7/17 – Donald Tusk now speaks weasel words also.

Donald Tusk at the G20 meeting in Germany today

words are easy but its actions that matter

Mr ‘action that matters’ – Donald Tusk


Very true Mr Tusk – you speak fine words about live animals shipped to Turkey being covered by Regulation 1/2005; but the reality is that you never enforce the rules.  You Mr Tusk, along with Junker, never actually take the actions that matter

Maybe that is why there are a lot of pissed off Europeans giving you and other idiots lots of trouble in Germany today !

Photo – EoA Netherlands



Please have a look at the following video and then read the comments from Venus.

The EU Parliament – elected by the people of Europe through the democratic process of elections.  The EU Commission, headed by Junker – the real decision making chamber of the EU though its un elected Commissioners – a non democratic process

Take live animal transport for example; the Parliament can vote and say that journey times must be reduced; but it is just one Commissioner who says there is no need and so nothing changes.  Over 700 MEPs can want for change, but if just one Commissioner opposes this view, then things remain unchanged as he wants.  Junker, the un elected ‘master’ of the Commission; the man who holds the keys to change but only on policy that he wants to change.  When it comes to animal welfare this is why we see no real change – Junker is not interested and so AW is thrown into the bin.


Junker – the almighty god of the EU Commission

If only the same could be done with un elected Junker

The UK is getting out of the EU (Brexit) because of these very such operating principles which give the people of the EU no real voice to change things.  UK / EU Brexit negotiations are currently under way for the UK to hopefully leave as a member within the next few years.

What are the other nations of Europe doing about the un elects running the show ? – well not a lot really.  They continue to sit under the control of un elected Commissioners headed by Junker; and like little mice, they continue to pay in their fees and do everything that the Commission demands of them.  One day when other EU nations have some guts, they will join up with the UK and send a clear message to Brussels that it is the few who are dictating to the very many citizens of the EU.


Mr President, you can criticize the parliament, but it is not up to the commission to control the parliament, it’s up to the parliament to control the commission,” Tajani said.

EU unsure – how nations feel about the ‘master’ EU


Dear Mark,

I sent you a very “pretty” Video from EU-Parmanent, which documents a meeting of the EU Parliament.
Home artist: Junker !!

I accompany this video with the following comment:

I agree with the President of the European Parliament, Tatjani, that Parliament controls the Commission and not the Commission the EU Parliament.

In addition, Juncker should note that the EU Parliament was elected by the EU citizen, but the Commission was not, so the Juncker himself was not elected by the people of Europe.
And before Juncker starts the sharp criticism against the EU Parliament, he should try to bring his stables, the (his) EU Commission, under control.

It is at least (and also) ridiculous, that an idle bunch of well-paid and nothing-doing servants of Merkel will do nothing against the suffering of millions of animals in the EU.
I find this not only ridiculous, I find it abominable and against any form of work ethic.


Best Regards to you and all




EU Commission link (Europa) –


What does the Commission do ? – Allegedly they claim to:


Enforces EU law

·         Together with the Court of Justice, ensures that EU law is properly applied in all the member countries.

We think they must have missed the boat when it comes to enforcing EU animal transport legislation as defined in 1/2005 and as shown in the following videos.  This just proves that despite its ‘enforcement’ weasel words, the Commission actually does NOTHING to enforce EU law

The Commission is a joke, as is Junker.


Watch the videos in the following links to see just how ineffective Junker and his Commissioner gods are at allegedly enforcing EU law:


Warning – the following links contain video links to very disturbing animal abuse during transport:


Please do not tell me that people like Junker are ‘important’; he is ineffective and an utter tosser as the lack of enforcement of EU regulations above show.

Junker = Waste of space.


Latest Euro news – 6/7/17: