Austria: 7,000 Chickens – Innocent Victims Of Road Accident.

SAV Comment – Having been involved with live animal transport / export monitoring for over 25 years, we think it fair to say that we have noticed an excess amount of accidents involving animal transporters happen especially in Germany.  Why ? – long hours for drivers; having to get animals to the slaughterhouse ready for when they open in the morning ?  If we can track our past instances, then we will be adding these to this post at the end.


Thousand of chickens die, suffer or flee!

👉 PETA has filed a display against the driver!

Hi my dear Mark,

On Tuesday, July 4th there was an accident with a truck transport with 7,000 chickens on the autobahn in between Salzburg and Vienna.

The presumed cause: the driver is asleep !!!

Many of the animals died on the accident, others were running around, but most of them should be euthanized.

We can imagine how the animals were loaded when the number was 7,000!!!.

The organization PETA has created display against the driver. And I would also grant an indication against the morality of my fellow men, who ordered their roast chicken at the restaurant. For such accidents and victims are the direct guilty and the indirect guilty responsible!

The firefighters have complained that the other drivers on the highway did not want to leave a rescue zones. And there were also many scoundrels who just looked and did nothing!!

This made the rescue of the animals even more difficult.

Yes, of course! they are only chickens, they thought. If the victims were people?


Exactly on this question has answered Helmut.F.Kaplan, the well-known Austrian animal ethicist on his website following:

The Difference:

When people have an accident, the salvation comes.

When animals have an accident, the battle command comes.

With my best Regards to you and all


On July 6th, a truck transport with 150 pigs has also been tipped over. That was in northern Germany and the truck was on the way to the slaughterhouse, near Bremen.

Half of the animals died or were euthanized by veterinarians.