UK: As We Said, Away From The Useless EU Shackles, THE UK Can, And Will Take Back Control For The Better Of Animals And The Environment.



SAV Comment:  We have said for a long time on this site that the UK getting away from the Junker / Tusk / Van Goethem attitudes of ‘we can do nothing’ when it comes to the environment and animals welfare should be very beneficial to both the environment and animal welfare.  Free from EU shackles which really mean and do nothing to help either, because the EU does not enforce its own rules and regulations, will mean that post Brexit in just a few years time, the UK will take back control of its own laws from the EU and can work hard with NGO’s to make the all round situation much better for environment and animals.

We have some faith in Mr Gove who describes himself as an ‘environmentalist’ – which is great as he is now the newly appointed Minister at the Department for Agriculture, Food and the Environment in the UK. –  – as the Defra Minister, Mr Gove is the first and most important UK government person in charge of how the UK stands regarding environment and agriculture; including animal welfare

As an NGO, we are most keen to see the UK prepare to ban live animal exports as soon as it leaves the EU.  We are certain this will happen as there is already a lot happening on this issue ready for the day we leave the EU and take back our own controls as a nation

We are more than happy to assist Mr Gove with our views and knowledge on some issues – especially things such as animal exports. 

The EU, under Junker, Tusk and co. will simply plod on doing nothing in reality for animals and the environment.  If other EU welfare organisations want things to remain as they are; which basically means having their evidence ignored; then they stay in the EU – the union of no progress or hope.  If they want improvements in the environment and animal welfare, then they should follow the UK and get out of the EU – take back their own controls by their OWN governments – not that of tin pot masters in Brussels.

The other nations of Europe have their choice to leave, but will any of them do it ? – we very much doubt.  So they can all plod along meeting Mr do nothing types like Van Goethem; presenting all their evidence of animal cruelty etc – and we guess they will continue to be simply ignored just like they have been so much over so many years.  SAV.



Mr Gove has said in his speech of 21/7/17:


The decision to leave the European Union has been interpreted in many ways, and I won’t revisit the debates now which led to that decision being made. Now that decision has been made, it creates new opportunities, and challenges, for the British Government. And nowhere more so than in the area of environmental policy.

We now have (outside of EU controls) an historic opportunity to review our policies on agriculture, on land use, on biodiversity, on woodlands, marine conservation, fisheries, pesticide licensing, chemical regulation, animal welfare, habitat management, waste, water purity, air quality and so much more.

Leaving the European Union means leaving the Common Agricultural Policy, leaving the Common Fisheries Policy, and taking back control of environmental policy.

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Report of same from other sources:

Farm subsidies will have to be earned rather than just handed out in future, the Environment Secretary Michael Gove has said in a speech.

Farmers will only get payouts if they agree to protect the environment and enhance rural life, he will say.

The move is part of what he calls his vision for a “green Brexit”.

He criticised the current system for giving money to some of the UK’s wealthiest landowners, for encouraging wastage, and for not recognising “good environmental practice”

Mr Gove described Brexit as “a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to reform how we care for our land, our rivers and our seas, how we recast our ambition for our country’s environment, and the planet”.


Michael Gove says microbeads – tiny pieces of plastic that are easily swallowed by marine life – will be banned from use in cosmetics and personal care products

The UK Government will ban the sale of microbeads as part of efforts to reduce plastic in the ocean, Environment Secretary Michael Gove has announced.

The measures, unveiled by Gove as part of a speech on ‘delivering a green Brexit’, would mean microbeads – tiny pieces of plastic that are easily swallowed by marine life – will be banned from use in cosmetics and personal care products such as toothpastes and shower gels.

Announcing the government would follow a recent consultation with legislation to prohibit their use later this year, Gove described the effect of microbeads on marine life as “devastating”.


Gove also outlined plans to explore new methods of reducing the number of plastic bottles from entering the oceans.

Speaking at WWF UK on Friday morning, Gove said: “Eight million tonnes of plastic are discarded into the world’s oceans each year, putting marine wildlife under serious threat.

“In October 2015, the government introduced the 5p carrier bag charge. Figures released today show that policy’s enormous success – nine billion fewer carrier bags distributed since the charge was introduced, a fall of 83 per cent. More than £95million raised from the charge has been donated to environmental, educational and other good causes.

He added: “There is more we can do to protect our oceans, so we will explore new methods of reducing the amount of plastic – in particular plastic bottles – entering our seas, improve incentives for reducing waste and litter, and review the penalties available to deal with polluters – all part of a renewed strategy on waste and resources that looks ahead to opportunities outside the EU.”

Michael Gove ‘deeply regrets’ Trump’s approach to Paris climate agreement

In first speech since cabinet return, environment secretary says he hopes US president will have a change of heart.

The environment secretary said international cooperation was crucial to resolve the problem of climate change, adding: “The world’s second-biggest generator of carbon emissions can’t simply walk out of the room when the heat is on.

Gove described himself as an environmentalist in his speech in Woking, Surrey, on Friday morning. “Leaving the EU gives us a once in a lifetime opportunity to reform how we care for our land, our rivers and our seas, how we recast our ambition for our country’s environment, and the planet. In short, it means delivering a green Brexit.

I am an environmentalist first because I care about the fate of fellow animals, I draw inspiration from nature and I believe we need beauty in our lives as much as we need food and shelter.”

Mr Gove and friend – Mr Gove is on the right !




South Korea: Dog Meat Latest And Various Videos / Actions.

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New Sister/Friendship City Campaigns need your action!

Seoul – Over 400 dog meat restaurants and hundreds more so-called “Health Food Shops” which commonly sell “dog elixir”, are in this capital city of South Korea. This is devastating!!! Seoul had connected as a Friendship City with London, UK just a couple of years ago. Let’s ask for London’s help in fighting this horrific trade. We have added many new Sister/Friendship campaigns.

Please take the action TODAY!

Seoul – London, United Kingdom Gwanak-gu, Seoul – The Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames, London, United Kingdom Seoul Gangseo-gu – Nottingham, United Kingdom Gumi – Houston, Texas Goryeong-gun – Montgomery County, Maryland Hanam – La Palma, California Icheon – Fairfax County, Virginia Paju – Glendale, California

[Call for Action] Dog meat farmers trading ​hundreds of dogs in the hillside in Yangsan

Busan Korea Alliance for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (Busan KAPCA)and Kookje newspaper reported the below story:

A scene has been recorded of dog meat farmers from across the country trading hundreds of dogs at a hillside of Yangsan(Gyeongsangnam-do Province). On July 11th, the Busan KAPCA exposed video of dogs, raised for consumption, being secretly traded on July 4th at a hillside in Yangsan. Dog farmers from across the country were trading these dogs.

The footage contains pictures of seven or eight large Dosa dogs in a tiny and rusty metal cage with no space in which to move. During the course of the trade, dogs that were not cooperating were jabbed with iron sticks. One struggling dog is shown being grabbed by the collar. It is estimated that there are several hundreds of dogs in metal cages that are lined up in vacant lot. The dogs were being sold for 400,000 to 600,000 Korean won each, and it was estimated that up to 250 dogs were being sold daily.

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Thunderclap against Cruelty! Join all today! Please click the below photo to join.


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the demonstration had a great turn out but we need more activists for the Day 2 and 3.  So would you please join us? Day 2: Friday, July 21, 2017 Click HERE for Facebook Event. Day 3: Friday August 11, 2017 Click HERE for Facebook Event. Where: Consulate General of the Republic of Korea 460 Park Ave, 57th Street, New York, NY 10022 Time: 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm (Consulate Hours: Open • 9:00 am – 12:00 pm, 1:30 – 4:00 pm) Posters and brochures will be provided but homemade posters, props and other materials are encouraged! We also have petitions to be signed and sent to the Ambassador of South Korea.  Free t-shirts for the volunteers (while supplies last). Click HERE for all of our upcoming events.

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Photo: The Korea Observer’s documentary “The Dog Meat Professional: South Korea”.