Germany: G20 – A View From The Front Line.


Dear Mark,

After the summit meeting G20 in Hamburg I send you my personal criticism and my subjective opinion about this fiasco.

I was also there and could judge the things myself.

Best regards from Venus


The show with the G20 is over, at least in Hamburg.

The fact that the 19 great states (+ EU representative) have decided nothing important seems to surprise no one.

According to reports from serious journalistic sources (RT), about 76,000 demonstrators protested. Engaged, combative people from every political direction, people with Animal Liberation t-shirts were also there, social democrats, greens, citizens’ initiatives, vegans, carnivores … it was all represented!!

The police have denied elementary democratic rights of peaceful protesters and journalists, and they (protesters) were attacked with pepper spray and sticks; There have been many injured persons.

Among the protesters were not only anarchists who reject any government (of any kind). Most people knew that it was a struggle for world power, between American and European capitalists.

More or less independent were only India, China and Russia.

The interesting thing about the current development of capitalism is that the old imperialists (the G7 countries) now need the approval of other, smaller countries. What to achieve?

To keep capitalism running around the world! – After the economic crisis of 2008 they are no longer so sure of their cause.

At this meeting, Merkel understood the growing rejection of the world against Trump as an opportunity to present herself as the “leader of the free world”; The media is involved. In the G20 summit she has proved that she is capable of forming coalitions against Trump.

No matter what we will read in the final declaration of the G20 summit, the informal alliance against Trump is on the road, and everyone knows that. The German-European breakthrough in world politics has begun.

I find it terrifying that the fate of this world will be left either to a paranoiac like Trump or a power hungry Chancellor like Merkel!