Australia: Petition – Stop The Government Forcing Animal Rescue Charity To Pay $300,000 For Road Upgrades.


This week our good friends at Farm Animal Rescue were forced to go public with a petition calling on the Queensland Government to abandon its plans to force the charity to pay $300,000 for road upgrades!

Farm Animal Rescue (FAR) is a registered charity and sanctuary for animals that have been rescued from starvation, danger, and abuse. We can’t speak highly enough of the work the team at FAR do for the animals.

The Government has made the decision to ban visitors from Farm Animal Rescue unless they spend $300,000 adding an additional lane to Dayboro Road, a highway managed by Queensland Transport and Main Roads. With the charity unable to come up with such a huge amount of money, it would mean an end to visitors like you at the sanctuary, and make the future of the sanctuary uncertain. 

Please sign the petition, spread the word and keep an eye on social media for further steps you can take to help save FAR in the coming weeks!

For the animals,
Chay and the team at Animal Liberation Queensland


Petition link –




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