Germany: Why I Do Not Vote. The Political System of Germany and The EU Is Too Corrupt For Any Animal Welfare.

On July 8, 2017, a dead wolf was retrieved from the lake Schluchsee in southern Germany, near my village.

He was shot. It is the 24th wolf shot illegally since the resettlement of the wolves in Germany in the year 2000. Of these 24 murders, there were only three convictions up to now – in all cases, the perpetrators had posed themselves.

After each murder there are always the same discussions:

These are the poachers,” say the hunters, “we are very sorry,” say the friends of the hunters, the politicians, and the peasants who have nothing against wolves but want to protect their flocks.

As soon as the cruel battle of the whales and dolphins in Denmark begins, the German press hasten to report about it and tries to harass a reader-friendly readership against the “criminals”.

It is always the other countries that are criminally dealing with animals, there are always the others who are corrupt and proficient, it is the Chinese who massacre the dogs, and the rich safari hunters who cull our elephants.

It is terrible to exterminate animals, you have to do something!!!

Petitions are signed, donations flow without end to the protection of the threatened animals !!!

And so the German citizen always points to other people who illegally kill wild animals because their governments are corrupt.

Always the others!

The Green Minister of the Environment, Franz Untersteller, has taken a ridiculous position on the subject:

Shooting a wolf is a criminal offense. I very much regret that a man has extinguished the life of this rare creature by force. “

Thus an incapable politician wants us to declare that the 24th murder of a strictly protected animal provokes only his sadness, and he even reminds us that it is a crime. They are the politicians who will continue their co-operation with hunters, the meat mafia, the circus industry, laboratory labs directors, etc … in the coming elections of Germany with the blessing of a dumbed people and want to persuade us that they do it all for our benefit!

I have absolutely no hope that in Germany that any government can work for my good – and I am a German citizen; a citizen of the gutless EU !

But if I at least knew that a (political) party wants to take the welfare of the animals into account and improve it where they can, then I would go to the elections.

So far, however, I am not aware of this political animal saviour, and the German animal protection party plays no essential role in the political scene.

I will not vote for this reason.

Best regards to you, Mark, and to all



Photo: Axel Heimken/dpa

Above – Martin Schultz (left) gets a kiss from Junker – Mr EU.

SAV Comment

We agree with Venus – there seems very little hope for positive animal welfare.

– it will be interesting to see what happens at the German elections in September 2017.,_2017 

With Angela Merkel and now also Martin Schultz (President of the European Parliament from 2012 to 2017) as 2 of the main political contenders,  it is very unlikely that the ‘animal welfare voice’ will start to be listened to in Germany. 

Merkel does not listen, and Schultz, ex EU Parliament President – what more does one need to say; he is ex EU – and the EU policy ‘is what we have experienced with live animal exports to Turkey, for example, “there is nothing we can do”.

What faith in politicians to make the world a better place for all !





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