UK: Report – Britain’s Failing Slaughterhouses – The Need For CCTV Everywhere.

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Netherlands: Adriaan Straathof – The ‘Pig Baron’ Behind The 20,000 Pig Deaths.

Regarding our very recent post (including a video) of the 20,000 pigs burned to death in the Netherlands:

Venus has kindly been looking into this more – and has provided a lot more information which we think you will fine interesting.

Dear Mark,
I promised you to write a post about the “Pig Baron” Straathof, here it is.

The story is old, as old as corruption in the meat business and the boundless exploitation of the animals of the system and its servants.

And unfortunately, the story repeats itself.


The case Straathof and the Holocaust of 24,000 pigs


On the 27th of July 2017 about 24,000 nonhuman beings were burnt alive at the “Knorhof” in Erichem (NL).


Adriaan Straathof

Owner of the animal barracks: the Dutchman Adriaan Straathof, the “pig baron”.
For years this barracks has been under criticism, it was actually built as a poultry shed.

Straathof converted this barracks into two floors and got the permission for:

-2,000 sows with suckling piglets,
-7,600 rearing piglets and
-9,600 Fattening pigs

Adrianus Straathof is one of the largest pig producers in Europe.
He produced 1.5 million piglets per year in Germany alone, when he was still allowed to work there.

Since 2016, Straathof has been forbidden to work in Germany.

Here the chronology:

December 2014: Against Straathof, a ban on feeding and caring has been imposed.

March 2015: Evidence of serious animal welfare violations; Criminal officers carry out a major raid in the pig farm ‘Gut Thiemendorf’.

April 2015: Nevertheless, the ban on banning animals is canceled by the Supreme Administrative Court. The evidence is not sufficient.

June 2015: Straathof remains in the sights of the authorities: 100 officials searched the breeding farms of his pig empire!

 June 2016: In Magdeburg, the professional ban against the pig owner Adrianus Straathof is being tried in court.

July 2016: The Administrative Court in Magdeburg confirms the ban on the profession against Straathof. Straathof appealed against the judgment of the Administrative Court Magdeburg.


On 4 November 2016, the Senate of the Higher Administrative Court of Saxony-Anhalt rejected this request for appeal.

Since then, he has been forbidden to work in Germany.

And so Straathof returns to his home country, the Netherlands, and builds a new barracks for 20,000 pigs in a two-storey poultry stable.

Straathof ignores in his new home, as in Germany, every precept which concerns the animal husbandry.
And so there is the burning of 24,000 living beings in Strathof’s barracks.

But, is Straathof a single offender?

No! No way!

Straathof only does what is allowed to him. Politicians and authorities, these are the main guilty, these are our enemies.

The problem is the system.

The state and no one else is responsible for checking whether all, even fraudsters such as Straathof, adhere to animal welfare.

And this control is traditionally weak, you might say miserable.

Because in the lobby republics, the interests of the big businessmen are always taking their place.

Straathof is nothing more than the controlled actor of a corrupt system.

I still trust 24,000 creatures who were unfortunate enough to be born, bred, tortured, and burned in the barracks of Adriaan Straathof.


Best Regards

from Venus



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UK: Global Day of Action Against Live Animal Export – 13/9/17.

Dear Mark,

Every year millions of animals around the world endure horrific suffering as a result of the long distance live transport trade.

On the 13th September we are organising a rally in central London as part of Stop Live Transport International Awareness Day. A global day of action to speak out on behalf of the animals that cannot speak for themselves.

In the UK, for decades politicians have said that it is EU law that prevents a ban on live exports. As we are now leaving the EU, this argument no longer stands.

They are out of excuses and we need to make sure that they know we expect action. Confirmation of the London rally’s exact location will follow in due course, but I wanted to get in touch with you now, so that you could save the date.


Can’t make it to London? Why not attend a local Stop Live Transport event, or even organise your own? Check out the events already planned – from Edinburgh to Tel Aviv, from Dublin to Warsaw – at

Together we will demonstrate global opposition to this abhorrent trade and expose the ugly truth:

– Excessively long journeys without sufficient food, water or rest

– Animals being transported when sick, injured, very young or heavily pregnant

– Ill-equipped and overcrowded vehicles

– Exports from countries with animal protection laws to those that have none, with animals often facing terrible abuse both during transport and at the time of slaughter.

I hope that you can join us on the 13th September to use your voice for those who are voiceless. Even if you cannot be there in person, you can still get involved in the Stop Live Transport International Awareness Day in many other ways.

Thank you so much for your support.

Emma Slawinski



















USA: Right off the coast of California, whales are drowning. Yet the Federal Agency For Protecting Whales, Refuses To Shut Down the Driftnet Industry.


Right off the coast of California, whales are drowning.

According to the government’s own data, one in four whales entangled in fishery gear is killed or seriously injured. Entangled whales can die slow and painful deaths.

And yet, the federal agency mandated to protect these animals backed off of common-sense regulations and refuses to close down the deadly driftnet fishery.

How deadly? The California driftnet fishery kills more whales, dolphins, and other marine mammals than all other observed West Coast fisheries – combined!

Please make a generous donation of $50 or more today so together we can fight the good fight to protect whales, sharks, and sea turtles from the deadly driftnet fishery.


Peter Fugazzotto, Strategic Programs Director
Turtle Island Restoration Network