Germany: Guest Article From Venus – “Do not forbid yourself anything – Do not let anyone forbid you anything.”



“Do not forbid yourself anything – Do not let anyone forbid you anything.”

A week ago, I read this sentence on an Austrian web page, it came from a carnivore, who had spoken about “food culture”.

To this saying I have a few thoughts: Meat eating and the torture associated with it, have nothing to do with culture or with “life value”. To build a discussion at this level, shows just how primitive, asocial, and less intelligent the commentators are. After the numerous undercover investigations by experienced animal rights activists on the medieval conditions that still prevail in the animal factories, both the stupid and the unscrupulous should have stopped eating animals. But that is not the point.


The dark side of meat is the political side.

The infantile slogan for flesh eating: ” Do not forbid yourself anything – Do not let anyone forbid you anything”, is the reduction of human freedom on the primitive level of oral freedom, and the best method of the system to manipulate and fool its useful idiots.

How else could this system have kept his servants satisfied, if it does not persuade them that the freedom to choose between roast pork, foie gras or trout fillets is their hard-won freedom of liberty?


Above – Force Feeding Foie Gras Geese

You must not exceed the speed limits, you must not drive with red, you must not smoke in restaurants … our daily life consists only of prohibitions, some good, some bad. For this reason alone, one must be an absolute fool, if one thinks that is a free man, because no one can forbid him the flesh eating.


Meat eating is not a private thing, as many claims.

It is the cooperation with meat and milk mafia, with illegal practices in the slaughterhouses, with pigs- and chicken barons, with the multimillionaires of the animal transport mafia, that all is  the problem, and that is a political problem … and a moral one.

All these people are not only the masters of torture and sadism; they are the instances, that enslave the third world with their criminal function, force millions of people into hunger, and last but not least, responsible for the deadly destruction of the planet.   In this case, it is not privacy with whom one cooperates, so it is not a private matter, whether someone eats meat or not;

It is a fact that one cooperates with a fascist system if one supports these corrupt instances.

This ridiculous slogan, ” Do not forbid yourself anything – Do not let anyone forbid you anything” is nothing else but the systematic thought-pace-maker of the system for billions of stupid and submissive citizens, who have no idea of either animal ethics or political freedom and dignity.

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USA: Fur Free Society is asking the USDA to impose the maximum fine of $13.75 million for fur farm animals suffering in extreme temperatures.

Anti Fur Society –  

Our affiliate Fur Free Society, Inc. has filed a complaint with the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) against Ruby Fur Farm Inc., an Iowa farm that repeatedly broke federal law by allowing hundreds of fur-bearing animals to suffer in dangerous and extreme heat conditions. 

Temperatures in the metal housing exceeded 100 F degrees and heat indexes reached as high as 122 F degrees on at least four separate dates.

Animals in severe heat distress were panting, drooling, lethargic, breathing heavily, non-responsive to activity around them, and unable to cool off. 

Fur Free Society is asking the USDA to impose the maximum fine of $13.75 million ($10,000 per animal affected, per violation) and to immediately terminate any and all licenses held by Ruby Fur Farm Inc. 

The complaint and USDA inspection reports can be found here:



Animals Asia News – Critically ill dogs on the mend after rescue from the meat trade.

Critically ill dogs on the mend after rescue from the meat trade

Read the story and see the pictures from Animals Asia at:




England: Live Animal Export Protests By Dutchman ‘Onderwater’ – Ramsgate, Kent – 24/8/17.


Here is some footage of the protests against live animal exports at Ramsgate, Kent, England, on 24/8/17.




English campaigners have stopped the live export trade after more than 25 years of campaigning; but now there is still one (periodic) exporter left – Johannes Onderwater; a Dutchman who exports British sheep to the EU. 

The animals here in the video mainland are going for ritual slaughter in mainland Europe for the festival of Eid which starts on 31/8.

There are no English exporters (hauliers) involved – they were stopped by protest and legal action a long time ago.  Only Dutch Onderwater remains now, but he will probably stop once Eid gets under way.  He has not exported from the UK for many months, but is now doing a trade with live sheep for sacrificial slaughter at Eid.  He has been using Ramsgate for the last week or so, getting out as many sheep to the EU as he can.

A good turn out by UK protesters as always, those who detest this trade and let it be known.  Large turn out by the police also but they really do not know how to handle it now.  They are protecting a trade in live animals which is legal under EU rules.   This is why it will be so much better when the UK gets out of the EU, which will be within the next few years.  The UK will be in charge of its own regulations and not have to put up with crap from the EU as we do currently.  The EU makes the rules but cannot enforce them, even when presented with clear evidence of abuses.

UK campaigners will fight to ensure that on the day the UK officially leaves the EU, UK legislation will be in place and ready to stop live animal exports from the UK. 

If other nations in the EU did the same, then the trade could be slowed.  But who else is currently leaving the EU ? – nobody. 

So the UK goes it alone at the moment; but other member states will leave over time – we think that is a definite !

Pictures – Val C.




New Zealand: Stop Sickening School ‘Possum Hunt’ Where Young Children are Encouraged to Kill As A ‘Fun Day Out’.

UPDATE 5/9/17  – Event now CANCELLED Due To Public Pressure.



SAV Comment

Possums were introduced to NZ by humans from Australia in 1837 – wow what a surprise ! – man knows best, introduces a non native species and then years later the same humans call it a ‘pest’.    Some would call it Karma.

Yes they do cause damage to natural flora and some fauna; but we are putting this petition out because of the fact that very young children are being encouraged to hunt and kill animals.

What we ask does this teach young kids about their natural wildlife ?

Does it teach kids to think that killing is a natural way of life? – we find the whole thought process behind this ‘hunt’ very disturbing.  What does this teach kids for the future ?

Stop Sickening School ‘Possum Hunt’ Where Children are Encouraged to Kill


Petition link –

Children as young as 5 years old are urged to kill innocent possums in a sickening fundraiser for Orini Combined School in Taupiri, New Zealand, scheduled for September 29, 2017.

“We don’t care if you trap ‘em or shoot ‘em. it’s all on to clean up the possum vermin in Orini and raise some funds…all welcome to join in the family fun,” reads the twisted event poster.

The barbaric event — for grades 0 through 8 — is horrifically cruel to the possum victims, and also teaches children at a very young age that slaughtering animals is not only OK, but a fun and rewarding activity. The children are even awarded prizes for killing the heaviest possum and the possum with the “best fur.”

Sign the petition demanding that Orini Combined School cancel this horrific event, and instead teach children that animals are not “vermin,” but thinking, feeling beings that deserve respect, not violence. 


Petition link –