UK: Aeroflot Stops Transporting Lab Animals – But ABC Still Do – Take Action.


Dear Mark,

Thanks to your support, major Russian airline Aeroflot has agreed to stop transporting monkeys for use in experiments.

This is fantastic news for monkeys! However, the animal research industry is now relying on cargo airlines to ship monkeys around the world for them.

We’ve discovered that AirBridgeCargo is transporting monkeys destined for laboratories where they will likely be forced to suffer in cruel experiments. 


Our investigations team has uncovered that the airline is shipping monkeys from China to companies in the US that supply animals for experiments.

We’ve proved that change is possible!

Please email AirBridgeCargo Airlines

and urge them to stop transporting monkeys for experiments.


Aeroflot now joins our growing list of airlines that refuse to transport monkeys for experiments.

It is time for AirBridgeCargo to #DoTheRightThing and join them.


Thank you as always for your support,


Michelle Thew Chief Executive


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31/8/17 – The Death of Diana 20th Anniversary Today. Funny, Warm, Loving, Compassionate – ‘The Peoples Princess’.


Murdered in Paris by a press wanting more pictures.

Madly loved by the British people.

‘Their’ Princess.

Funny, compassionate, warm, loving.

Many ‘normal folk’ are still very raw today.

They will never forgive or forget what happened.

A terribly sad day in the UK for many people.