News From Venus – And Action (Link) To Stop The Mega Merger.


Dear Mark,

I also got the news that for the moment the merger Bayer / Monsanto was put on hold.

This is certainly a success, but far from the end of the story. The situation looks like this: the four major conglomerates Monsanto, Syngenta, DuPont and Bayer control roughly 70 percent of world trade with agricultural raw materials. If the merger Bayer / Monsanto were to be achieved, three companies would determine more than 60 percent of the global market for seeds and pesticides: Bayer / Monsanto, DuPont / Dow and ChemChina / Syngenta (The merger of the two last couples has already been approved).

With the help of the EU, they want to contain and patent seed and food diversity to a manageable extent. Stubbornly, the corporations are working on a law that cements their power: the European Seed Regulation. Under this Regulation, no more seed which has not been tested, certified and registered may be passed on. Worse still, the offspring of these crosses are particularly productive, but only in the first generation and as seed unusable. Seed must therefore be purchased from the breeder every year.

The four major players in the agricultural industry will determine the market for seeds, pesticides, fertilizers and feed. An unimaginable power concentration, which is completely foreign to the interest in plants, animals, human life.

Until now, the population and politicians in Austria, and German environmental associations, have been fighting against this dictum of the giants. New petitions have been launched, which is necessary, because the negotiations are not yet finished.

The EU has already offered the first compromise, we have seen it.

But the letter from the deputy Vestager makes it clear that the provisional postponement of the Bayer / Monsanto merger has not been decided on “Risks for human health, food safety, consumer protection, the environment and the climate“, but “is limited to competition (Merger assessment): concerns about potential negative effects of the merger on consumers and farmers”.

Within 90 days, the EU Commission will make its final decision after “the antitrust law” tests have been completed. We need to mobilize further, not just pushing Vestager, but also the other EU bodies and local politicians.

I have therefore attached (link below) a new petition from the Umweltinstitut Deutschland.

It goes to Mrs Vestager, to the German Minister for Economic Affairs, Brigitte Zypries, and to the President of the Bundeskartellamt Mundt. It already has 34,000 signatures, but we still need many more.

And we must continue to think positively and, above all, remain alert and informed.

With best Regards to you and all