Serbia: Dogs Need New Homes – Critical; Or They Go Back To The Street. Please Crosspost.

We have been working with Gordana over the last few weeks regarding these dogs.  At one point we hoped it may be possible to bring them to England for finding new homes; but this has turned out to be impossible,

So now it is critical that new homes are found in Serbia for these dogs – and as quickly as possible,


Here below is the Facebook link and the message from Gordana

Please crosspost and do everything you can to find new hoes for these animals.

Thanks – Mark.


Gordana-Doda Stetin

· June 26

30th September 2017 : Is there anybody who can help this five rescued dogs to be adopted?
I lost part time job, I will be soon homeless if I don’t find job. This dogs are dependent on organization with sharing dogs posts. I cannot do anything else if owner of dogs doesn’t want dogs back, I can only ask public communal company who have shelters in Serbia if they can take dogs, if they cannot help to take dogs I can only return dogs back on the streets. I don’t have anywhere to keep dogs, dogs are at the moment in the shelter Pansionzapse Maza. If anybody can help please let me know or tag yourself in this post so dogs get more attention to be faster adopted or please share post to help dogs with adoption.

Thank you!


Bleki, Milica, Bob, Snoopy & Dina are in Serbia
Dogs are for adoption
Share! Thank you!

Dogs photo album :…


Dogs video on YouTube :…


Dogs supporting Facebook page ( more photos and videos of the dogs ) :




Should children not experience both ?

Let them know where their fruit comes from; and also how their meat is ‘produced’ for them;

to be sold at the supermarket. / fast food joint etc