Rescued From A Bile Farm – ‘Wolfie’ Is Once Again Starting To Walk.

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When rescued, this emaciated bear could barely walk – look at him now – watch the YouTube video by clicking on the second link (directly) above.


Life on a bear bile farm caused moon bear Wolfie’s muscles to waste away due to lack of use, but loving care is helping him learn how to be a bear again.

Standing upright and swaying his head from side to side in a classic sign of distress, rescuers could clearly see the bones of Wolfie’s massive frame poking through his sagging skin.

Thankfully, Wolfie and eight other bears were rescued in June from a bear bile farm in southern Vietnam and taken to Animals Asia’s sanctuary to begin their recovery from a lifetime of abuse.

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8 Business Leaders Who Are Investing to Close Slaughterhouses for Good. 

8 Business Leaders Who Are Investing to Close Slaughterhouses for Good


You don’t need to be an entrepreneur or billionaire philanthropist to help create a world where animals are no longer slaughtered.

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Scotland: Parliament Now Formally Moves Forward With Circus Animal Ban. Will This Make The English Parliament Act Now ? – We Hope !

SAV Comment – we are hopeful that this action now in Scotland will see the English government in London make the same move – despite them putting all the campaign work by many animal welfare groups on the back burner for the last 10+ years.

We have faith that Minister Gove will finally take action for the animals.


Dear Mark,

Wild animals should be in the wild, not in cramped, barren trucks and made to perform tricks for entertainment. 

That used to be a controversial statement. Not any more. Yesterday, all Parties in the Scottish Parliament backed the Bill that will ban wild animals in circuses for good.

They were clearly listening to us, as MSP after MSP stood up to say they supported the ban but that the Bill must also be strengthened.

Many MSPs also acknowledged the overwhelming public support for the ban, and we were happy that OneKind and our supporters were mentioned quite a few times too!

So, what happens next?

Yesterday was a vote on the general principles of the Bill. Now this hurdle has been cleared, the Bill will move onto Stage 2 for detailed consideration and amendments in Committee before it returns to the full Parliament for final amendments and approval.

It’s during the next stage that we hope the weaknesses in the Bill will be addressed so we will never have to see lions, tigers and elephants made to perform for entertainment again.

Thanks again for all your support. We will continue to keep you updated on every step of the campaign and, depending on how the debate goes, we might be asking for your help once more before it is passed.


Onekind –




Global: Neonicotinoid pesticides found in honey from every continent.


New Scientist article – Neonicotinoid pesticides found in honey from every continent.


The evidence has been mounting for years that the world’s most widely used pesticides, neonicotinoids, harm bees and other pollinating insects.

Now it seems the problem isn’t limited to Europe and North America, where the alarm was first sounded. It’s everywhere.


Read the full article via the above link.



Sultans In London.

As someone who badly ‘dabbles’ with guitar, I want you to see how they can be played.

A busker does his bit in central London – Amazing !

Everyone going about their normal business – red buses hacking up and down in the background  –  what a brilliant alternative !

Enjoy – Mark




Slavica (in Serbia)has now sent through a couple of her favourite music videos.

So rather than create a new post we are adding them to this existing post.


Beautiful horses:

Marine with some super pictures of dolphins and more.


Enjoy !