UK / England: Minister Michael Gove blames EU for dramatic decline of wildlife as he pledges ‘green Brexit’.

UK Government Minister Michael Gove tears into the EU regarding its attitude to animal welfare and green environmental issues.

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Mr Gove also claimed that EU law “binds our hands” on everything from VAT rates and animal welfare to “bin collections”


The anti-Brussels Environment Secretary tore into the EU’s record on green issues as he insisted withdrawal would allow Britain to “secure a special prize – a Green Brexit”.


As we have said in the past at SAV, once the UK is out of the EU (Brexit), we will take back control of our laws and make things better for animals and the environment.


As we have posted recently, he also confirmed that the maximum sentence for animal cruelty will be hiked from six months to five years.

Mr Gove said: “I believe that when we face deliberate, calculating and sadistic behaviour, we need to deploy the full force of the law to show we will not tolerate evil.”

Well done Minister Gove !


Serbia: Can You Help Svetlana With Finding New Homes For Dogs From Bor ?


5/10 – We have had the following message in from Svetlana.

As we said before, we tried to help Gordana with the re homing of some dogs here in England; but this was not possible either.

If anyone anywhere feels that they can help, then here is Svetlana’s Facebook link.

Please contact her direct.


Hi Mark

I was wandering if you could help me..

I’ve got many rescued strays from Bor, Serbia and adoption simple doesn’t work in Serbia

I’ve been trying and trying to find them homes, but nothing

I can’t afford paying pensions for them, so absolutely I have no solution

Can you please help me to try to find them homes or fosters, anything?

I’m really desperate, I can’t bring them back to streets..

Thank you in advance;






Serbia: Zack.

One lost battle too many, one more life that ended to early, another sorrow, additional pain, one more casualty of reckless veterinarians – how to describe the anger, emptiness and grief over another lost little fighter?

How much value is a cat’s life to people? If you ask Zack’s vet that had treated him before Zack came to us, not much or not at all. That vet left Zack’s eye infection untreated for months – he said it was normal for a blind eye to be inflamed. Due to his expertise, Zack got meningitis and that meningitis took Zack away last night. Zack has lost his last battle and passed away in his sleep, quietly, unobtrusively and peacefully, just like he was the first day he came to us.

We are so sorry, Zack. We’re sorry for everything you had to go through. We are sorry for all of those careless people you had to deal with. We wish we could have done more for you and change everything that’s happened.

We wish we’ve gotten the time to know you better, although it was clear from the beginning that you were a sweetheart. You picked your special place in the yard as soon as you stepped in it, and we still can’t deal with the fact that we won’t be seeing you there anymore.

That special place will not be the same without you. We are sorry for all the pain you had to endure and for all the circumstances that led to it. You didn’t leave this world the way we had imagined, the way we wanted for you. All we have ever wanted was a long, happy and pain free life for you, little Zack. Instead, you have left us as the result of a mistake, as an error in someone’s judgment. You have paid the price for someone’s careless lapse.

We’ll be looking for you in the yard although we know that you won’t be there. You won’t be there but we will remember you, because we have loved you from the moment we set eyes on you. And we hope that you knew you weren’t homeless and unimportant the moment you were brought here and you must’ve felt we would never even imagine letting you down. Ironically, after all is said and done, we are the ones who feel as if we failed you, as we promised you’d have a good home and a wonderful life.

We are so sorry, kitty boy. We are very thankful for the opportunity to have met such a courageous little fellow like you. You had accepted us from the very beginning, even when you had to watch us crying while you were trying to win the biggest struggle of your short life.

You had an amazing and incredible spirit and left us wondering if any other cat could endure the suffering you’d been bearing for such a long time, in total silence. You were a blessing and we have to thank you for giving us the chance to love you.

We will remember you forever.

You will always be in our hearts and on our minds.

Run free, little Zack; find your special place over the rainbow and don’t look back.

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