European Commission Postpones Decision On Glyphosate – Monsanto Are Fuming. Final Push To Get EU To Say ‘No’.


I just received some breaking news: the European Commission had to postpone a decision on glyphosate — again! This is huge and was only possible thanks to your tireless work raising the alarm about Monsanto’s toxic weedkiller.

What does that mean for us? Well, it’s good news to start with. The European Commission has been trying to get glyphosate renewed for another ten years. But thanks to you, they failed to get a majority of EU countries to back the renewal of glyphosate.

Monsanto is fuming!

Glyphosate is the main ingredient for Monsanto’s best-selling weedkiller RoundUp. If we can get glyphosate banned, it’s going to be a major blow to Monsanto’s operations.

We just bought ourselves another two weeks to campaign the hell out of this. We know that Monsanto will do everything in its power to lobby politicians all over Europe.

Your work has been crucial in making sure we could even get this far. A few months ago, no one thought it was possible to ban glyphosate but you’ve given Monsanto a run for their money.

Thanks to the support from SumOfUs members like you, we paid for an opinion poll that showed Europeans want an immediate ban on glyphosate. Your donations meant the polling results were published in key European newspapers such as Le Monde and Le Figaro — just days before EU decision makers met to vote on the glyphosate renewal.

And just two days ago, we delivered our petition against glyphosate to the German Green Party, asking it to keep its campaign promise to ban glyphosate when elected into government.

Now, it’s time to brace ourselves for the final showdown and we don’t have much time. The vote is like to take place in as little as 11 days.  

We have shown that we can win this. After Italy and Austria, members like you also recently pushed France to commit to voting “No” on a licence renewal for glyphosate.

It’s up to us now, to double-down and make sure EU governments don’t agree to anything less than a ban on glyphosate. But we can only do it with your help.

Glyphosate is one of the most widely used herbicides, and it’s found in stuff that we use and eat every single day: clothing, personal hygiene products, beer, even breast milk and honey.

The World Health Organization’s cancer research institute classified glyphosate as probably carcinogenic. Research shows that pregnant women exposed to glyphosate had infants with low birth weights and birth defects. And glyphosate has been linked to die-off of honeybee colonies that are essential for our food production. According to a recent study, glyphosate has even been shown to harm bees’ ability to navigate back to their hives.

It’s time to stop Monsanto for good. Can we count on your support to stop Monsanto’s poisonous weedkiller chemical?

Thanks for all that you do,
Anne and the team at SumOfUs




Announced During London Fashion Week – Gucci Will Go Fur Free With Their 2018 Spring Collection.

After decades of pressure from PETA, including countless e-mails and phone calls from our supporters, Gucci will finally go completely fur-free very soon.

Its CEO, Marco Bizzarri, announced during London Fashion Week that the brand’s new fur-free policy will begin with the 2018 spring collection—preventing minks, coyotes, foxes, rabbits, and other sensitive animals from being slaughtered for their fur.

Gucci now joins an impressive line-up of major fur-free fashion brands, including Armani, HUGO BOSS, Ralph Lauren, Stella McCartney, and Tommy Hilfiger.


Our recent post relating to this -including a video about Chinese Fur Farming.

Watch and repent. 









If we can’t raise funding for her tests and scans then the only real option for Ellie is PTS

We are yet again thrust into a nightmare scenario where one of our gentlest of souls is currently under veterinary care whilst they try to diagnose a very serious neurological issue. Ellie has never been given a chance of a home or a chance to show her gentle kindness, simply because she is a Rottweiler, and yet, she is the sweetest, gentlest, and most beautiful of souls we have ever been privileged to meet.


This week Ellie has taken a really bad turn. Her back legs have given out. She is a young dog and we are still at the vets with her trying to figure out what the issue is. For sure it’s neurological, but this darling girl just doesn’t understand what is going on. She is so down, crying, whimpering for reassurance and it’s tearing us apart that we the answer until we can provide her with series of tests.


She needs MRI and other several in depth tests that the vet needs to do, but the biggest cost is the time taken to do these. Without the tests and our fast reaction she may not walk again. Her front legs have given out and we can only know if surgery or physio can correct this.


If we can’t raise funding for her tests and scans then the only real option for Ellie is PTS.


She doesn’t understand what’s happening to her and we can’t explain. We just know she needs medical help and without your precious help we simply cannot afford this. We are a tiny rescue charity, utterly dependant on you, our loving supporters to help us with each of our rescues. You are our rescue. We truly can’t do anything for our dogs without you. You are the lifeblood of our rescue and the only people who care enough to help this poor girl to walk again.

For Your kind donations 


PayPal address:

Marked: For Ellie


She can’t speak, she can’t ask, she can’t beg. We are her voice and we want to save her life and get to the bottom of this critical problem. Without your support her chances are very slim indeed.


Please, we beg you, help this big girl to feel the joy of walking normally again.


Thank You,

Help Pozega Dogs Admin Team


Please watch Ellies video’s on our YouTube channel: :





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Registered number Serbia: 107291108

Codice fiscale Italia: 97632110157 






England: Spiders and Foxes.


Outside the kitchen window this morning.  The mist and rain making it very noticeable.


One of the resident foxes (normally about 6 each night) who visit the front garden each evening and who are rewarded with some dog food, biscuits, cake and dough nuts full of Raspberry jam – they love anything sweet.  Cake and dough nuts with jam inside are favourites.  Free from the hunt – to live out their lives naturally.