Spain: Democracy or EU Dictatorship ? – Ask The Good People Of Catalonia.


For those of you who are non UK, the man speaking above is Nigel Farage, he was the leader of UKIP, who have always been anti EU.  Here he is speaking in the EU Parliament – Mr Junker can be seen in some views; turning bits of paper and ignoring the facts as he always does.

Here is an article from Venus regarding the extreme violence used by the Spanish government / police in retaliation to the public vote for independence that took place in Catalonia, a part of Spain, on Sunday 1st. By allowing such violence from Madrid authorities and the police, it shows the extent that the EU will go to prevent anyone else from leaving the EU.  Catalonia voted to become independent from Spain – and it also wishes to leave the EU.  On the animal front, Catalonia passed a vote to ban bullfighting.  If they can do this, it shows that change can happen, and that Spain and others can introduce a ban if they wish – getting around the ‘tradition’ and EU subsidies paid to bull breeders from the EU purse.

The pictures in the following article show what happened:  Venus’ article is after this.


EU Democracy ??


Dear Mark,

I have followed the last events in Catalonia, like everyone else, and have written some thoughts about it.

One thing I can say with certainty: not only the violence of Madrit is a bitter blow to the face of democracy. Worse still is the breach of trust in an institution called the EU. Forever and ever.

Since yesterday, there is no democratic government in Spain any more, but a regime type Erdogan. One can also say: a dictatorship!

The black times of Franco are back! Or were they never gone?

Rahoy has lost, he must resign. The question now goes far beyond the question of the separation of Catalonia. The question is whether Spain is still a democratic country. The reaction of Rahoy to the referendum showed that the PP (People’s Party, Spanish: Partido Popular) has thick root in the Falange.

Now, no one wants to talk to Rahoy anymore, many of his own circles do not too. This can now very quickly develop into a civil war. With almost 900 injured people for a peaceful vote, we can talk about human rights violations.

And the EU Commission, this no-go club is watching how peaceful EU citizens are barred from voting, and does not stir !!

What a sick, internally rotten institution this EU. And where is the appeal of Germany to the protection of human rights? They are busy with their “Jamaica coalition” (CDU – black, Free Democratic Party – Yellow, and the Greens). A shame. And we citizens of the Union are watching as in our EU people are bombarded because they want to VOTE.

Would the same thing happen in Russia, what would happen? If Erdogan have done, what would happen? We must pay attention! We are to fight not only the religious, but also the nationalistic fascism.

Best regard to you and all