Tiny reparation.

Tiny reparation

Author: Animal rights activist and philosopher Helmut F. Kaplan, Austria


It is a wonderful late summer day. I am swimming and enjoying the cool water, the warm air, the bright sun. I look in the mountains. The green forests. The blue sky. A wonderfully beautiful world.

But only for us humans!

We have made the whole earth for us, for us “developed”, reserved for us. Towns and villages, mountains and lakes, deserts and seas, forests and meadows – we have left nothing out.

Everything is ours, nothing belongs to the animals.

This total submission of the world, this global attack, was an act of unsurpassable and irreproducible barbarism.

More than anything the human being cannot take, and everything can be taken only once.

And with what right have we taken away the whole world from animals? With no one at all!

We just grabbed everything because we could grab everything. Naked terror. Unrestrained greed. Boundless egoism. We have declared the whole earth to our property and all animals to our slaves.

If we give late some rights to some animals, with halfhearted and ridiculous scope, this is no reason to pat ourselves on the back.

We do not give anything to the animals, we just give them back a tiny part of what we took away from them before.

We act like someone, who has robbed a huge food market and then generously gives the owner a bar of chocolate from the loot.

(Helmut F. Kaplan, 18 March 2018)

Translation: Venus








2 Responses

  1. We, humans are just one kind of Earthlings, we are terrorizing all the other Earthlings.

  2. Reblogged this on "OUR WORLD".

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