Hunting terror

By Helmut F. Kaplan*

Above all false talk about the alleged ecological necessity of the hunt (if we really care about the environment, we would have to start somewhere else, for example, by car traffic!) we should not forget one thing: the hunt is an uninterrupted, indescribable terror against animals.

After such a cowardly attack on the innocent and the defenseless, there is pure terror and pure panic in the forest: children are desperately looking for their parents, parents are desperately looking for their children and an end to the massacre is not in sight.


Once the hunters have climbed into their bloodlust, the killing knows no bounds.



It is difficult to find a reasonably adequate comparison for this unique terror against animals. Nevertheless, I try: A peaceful Easter Sunday, people go out into nature, they talk, the children play and everyone is happy about the wonderful weather. And suddenly a terrorist group ambushes and sets up a gruesome bloodbath.

Of course, this comparison is immensely limp: for humans, such attacks are the extreme exception, for animals they are the terrible rule. And for people, after such a robbery comes the rescue to care for the injured.

In animals, the killers return to shoot the survivors.


(Translation: Venus)

*Helmut Kaplan is an Austrian animal ethicist and philosopher.


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  1. Murder is the right verb, not hunt. We must consider animals sentient beings exactly like us… and this behavior with the thousand excuses to make it legal is pure nonsense. Nature doesn’t need to be “helped” by men and there isn’t “too much” of one species (unless you realize that we, humans, are far too much on the planet), the the philosopher Carlo Sini has simplified the problem of biodiversity decline by stating that it is a disequilibrium between “prey” and “predators” that in the long run will cause the collapse of an entire ecosystem. If we kill the predators, we will get an increasing of prey and there is the unbalance.

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