Canada: milk out from the food pyramid!


Milk is unhealthy! That’s what Canada’s government claims. The country is currently working on its dietary guidelines. In the future, citizens should therefore largely refrain from using products such as milk, butter and cream. And the new food pyramid looks pretty vegan!


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Happy Chinese pig year!


On February 5, 2019, the year in Cina will be the Year of the Pig, until January 24, 2020. A pig; that brings happiness, prosperity and satisfaction !!
The hospitals in the capital expect a record of more than 100,000 births for the first time, China is gearing up for a new baby boom. Millions of young women really want to have a baby this year. Because on the 5th of February the “Year of the Pig” begins, which is considered particularly lucky. …

kinder mit schweinekleider in china

Perhaps, for the anniversary of the pig year, the Chinese built a 13-story slaughterhouse in 2018, the largest “pig breeding facility” in the world. And China’s westbound exports are on high gear, of course!


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