Those who stay tuned have advantages!




My best regards to all, Venus

There is no ethical murder!


These images are from the slaughterhouse of Moudon in the canton of Vaud, Switzerland. In this local slaughterhouse, the body parts of the slaughtered animals are supplied to companies like “HappyMeat” who claim that it is an ethical solution for consumers.


However, behind this facade hides a reality they would rather keep a secret: scared, struggling animals who try to escape, who have a will to live and want to avoid death. Even though the Swiss legislation on animal welfare is respected, the killing of individuals who have a will to live is unjustifiable.

There is no ethical murder.




Best regards, Venus


All animals are the same



Either you want to fight against exploitation, or you can let it be. Those who only value pets and use the “others” as useful animals do not know what they are doing. They prove that they have never seriously considered what the word empathy and moral means.


Regards, Venus