The UN makes criminals to heroes!


Nestlé Pakistan wins the Global Compact Business Sustainability Award!! So you can see which corrupt companies the UN supports.

In Pakistan Nestlé is pumping a total of nine wells at three locations. A lot of water is tapped and then sold in plastic bottles for a lot of money, while the population has no access to this water.

Nestlé are called predators and water hunters.
In fact, these are criminals, experienced criminals who have dominated and conquered the world through exploitation, fraud and violence.

Nestlé must be boycotted.



My best regards, Venus

The battlefields of the EU are everywhere


Animal abusers at all levels, that’s the EU.

EU is animal hostile.
It supports slavery, exploitation and brutal trade with animals.
It deserves no respect, no voice.
It deserves only contempt.
With the taxpayers’ money, it pursues a dirty, disgusting policy in favor of the meat and milk mafia, the transport mafia, the hunters, the laboratory crime.
The EU no longer has a right to exist.
I do not go vote and would recommend it to anyone.

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My bestr regards, Venus