Italy: undercover video about the “milk machines”!


Whether the video can shake up the consumer?

The meat consumer likes to “stun” himself.

We do not learn to feel anything anymore. Even after such documentation which- fortunately! – has been shown by public service broadcasters in recent years, we develop mechanisms such as rejection, oppression or even apathy.

The most effective way to evade this reality is to deny it.

And so we tell ourselves, there is no problem, so we do not have to make any thoughts and we are not responsible for our consumption, that is, for our actions.


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Viet Nam: Inside The Illegal Bear Bile Market.


Viet Nam:  Inside The Illegal Bear Bile Market.


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South Korea: Korean Dogs January Newsletter.


South Korea:  Korean Dogs January Newsletter.


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Serbia: Victory – Fur Farms Banned from 1/1/2019.

Serbia: Victory – Fur Farms Banned from 1/1/2019.


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Whole last year Fur Farming leading group UNO lobby tried to stop the ban, but thanks to absolute chaos in the parliament, it simply did not happen. Ministry of Agriculture and corrupted members of Parliament from the leading party, SNS, will try to change current Animal Welfare Law this year, but Animal Welfare organizations must not allow it. We don’t expect this Ban to be reinforced in the atmosphere of the instability and lawlessness and incredible corruption. However, this is huge step.




USA: Justice for Lucy.



USA:  Justice for Lucy.


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USA: Drugged Octopuses; Gambling Monkeys and Shocked Mice.


USA: Drugged Octopuses; Gambling Monkeys and Shocked Mice.


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