“We are all one.”



Man has no or at most only a few unique abilities.
There are many living beings who can learn a language, enter into complex social relationships, renounce their own wishes for the good of the community, use tools, imagine things and dream.

There are many creatures that can remember certain information, play with their friends, enjoy intimacy, talk and grieve for their dead.
Some creatures have abilities that far surpass our own – be it in terms of navigation or stamina, communication or the early detection of natural events.


We still do not know exactly how all living things think or what they think. But dismissing their world of thought as less developed, less rational, less ethical, or less intelligent than ours is clearly a mistake.

No living thing deserves to be mistreated

No matter what skills it has. We all know that tormenting children or disabled people is just wrong because they do not have the same skills as adults.

In the same way, all living beings on this earth have a right to freedom and respect – not because they have abilities that we admire, but simply because they are living beings.

We all have the same evolutionary roots, we all live on the same earth, and we are all subject to the same laws of nature.

“We are all one.”


Translation: Venus – from https://www.facebook.com/Tierversuche-NEIN-758179997612190/

My best regards to all, Venus