The horror cabinet with live beings.


This is what happens to farmed animals when they’re transported in freezing conditions.
These pigs have literally froze to slaughterhouse truck and need to be cut apart piece by piece in order to be removed.


These are the victims of the animal farming industry.
This is happening in North America.

The meat mafia, the truck driver, the average person sees in these pictures no more animals.
They see that a product has collapsed due to extreme weather conditions. The only question is how cleaners can cleanse the body.
No one cares that sentient beings were killed by negligence and sent to their deaths.

The more consumers become desensitized to this disease, the more normal, natural, and unavoidable the crime appears to be. Therefore, the corrupt media are constantly busy with the consequences of the cold for the people.
The business has to run, and such damages lead to heavy losses in the cash register.

The band never stops on the Dachaus of this world.
On the truck, in the slaughterhouse, in the farms … The death gang never stops.
Thanks to the dull moral of those, who tomorrow will eat the frozen remains of the tortured corpses without guilty conscience.


My best regards, Venus