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For a short -but very short- time I drive away.
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Hunters and weapons industry: a deadly mix!

There was only bad news to report about the hunt in Italy in the last hunting season, considering the fact that various species of animals were extinct or decimated because of the hunting.


The hunt is also the only “sport”, which every year injures and kills countless people. As every year, at the end of the hunting season (1st September – 31st January), the Association of Hunting Victims, which has been active since 2007, has put together a dossier with the victims of hunting weapons.

It is an old story (and not only in Italy): the hunters have influence, but also the arms industry with its lobbyists in parliament and in the regions. Hunters and weapons industry.

A deadly blend that damages nature and kills humans and animals …

Hunters are murderers, nothing more and nothing less!


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