Serbia: More Photographs From Danica of Tik, Tak and Tok.

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Please see our previous post with photos about Tik, Tak and Tok.    

Danica has now sent us some more photographs of the little ones which you can see below.

Tik tak tok 1

Please give anything that you can in order to help with their veterinary costs.

At the end of this post you will find a secure link to the Youcaring;  where you can make a secure donation which is then forwarded on directly to the cats at shelter Felix.

The following is the message from Danica:

Tik tak tok 2

Tik,Tak and Tok are siblings, three unwanted babies that had been living at a construction site in Belgrade since they were born. Their mother was a stray which disappeared a long time ago and they were forced to fend for themselves in that dangerous place, fed by locals but totally on their own and unprotected.

They were approximately three months old when they arrived at the shelter at the beginning of September, skinny and confused, with voracious appetites, but cuddly, curious and sweet.

Unfortunately, only one of them, a little tuxie boy named Tak, seems to be healthy. His brother Tik has a congenital birth defect, he was born with a deformed right rear leg which needs to be amputated. Their sister, a tabby and white girl we named Tok, has only one eye as her other eye has already leaked out because of some untreated infection (probably herpes, chlamydia or both) and what’s left of it will have to be removed.

Although we thought Tok also had a harelip when she was brought to the shelter (see photos at end of this post – SAV) , we’re now more inclined to believe she was actually seriously injured some time ago, as a part of her lip is missing and she doesn’t have a cleft palate.

Tik tak tok 3
All three of them have fit in nicely right away and are getting stronger every day, so it’s time to start thinking about their surgeries.

The amputation of Tik’s leg and the removal of what’s left of Tok’s right eye will cost around 300 euros/$430CAD. We need all of the help we can get in order to fix the serious problems these sad and neglected babies have the best way we can and enable them to live the long and happy lives they deserve.

Every donation counts, no matter what the size!  

Photos below from our previous post (link at top) showing Tik, Tak and Tok:





Thank you – SAV / Felix shelter.

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IMGP0930 resize

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